Apple iPhone 7-So Good It Has Become [Test]

Apple’s iPhone 7 is a fantastic good smartphone-but it will not be for everyone.

It should be noted that when techgiganten Apple is launching a new flagship. It has become tradition that the techgiganten unveils a new design every two years, and that this design causes it to slosh in the rest of the smartphone landscape.

This year, however, Apple seems to go more conservative approach in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The design looks like something you’ve seen before, and it will therefore be on the single to iPhone 7 must select one.

Fortunately, iPhone 7 strengthened on almost all conceivable points. Screen, speakers, processor, camera and much more are now better. But is it enough to convince iPhone buyers to buy new-and how much will jack-Jack really missing? Read on, and get the answer here.

Specifications Apple iPhone 7

Goal: 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm, 138 grams
Screen: 4.7 “1334 x 750 pixels, 326 PPI
Performance: Apple A10 Fusion 2 + 2 Quad-core, 2.2 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, 6-core graphics
Battery: 1,960 mAh
Camera: 12MP, f/1.8 lens with OIS, 4 k video, 240 fps HD slow motion, 7MP front camera
Software: iOS 10
Network: 2 g, 3 g, 4 g Cat 6.
Moreover: IP67-waterproof, No jack plug
Storage: 32, 128 or 256 GB
Colors: Silver, gold, rose gold, black and jet black
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OK – it can be said very briefly: iPhone 7 are similar to almost its predecessor of a dot. It’s still a neat and simple aluminium design, but with now two years old, it is nothing to be excited about.

The differences are even so small that unless you invest in one of the new black colors Apple has added to the series, it is only microscopic details will reveal that here is the new iPhone.

But they are there, the differences, and they can quickly outlined. Viewed from the front is speaker-slide slightly wider at the bottom and form are two loudspeakers placed symmetrically around the lightning-port-against a before. On the sides are 7 ‘ eren identical with 6 ‘ eren.
Turns you iPhone 7 happens, fortunately, a little new. Antenna the stripes are wrapped a little out of the way, providing a simpler, purer expression, while the camera has got a substantially larger glass party in front of the module. And as last year and the year before-so jut optics continue out to where the danger of more bumps and bruises.

The few news also means that Apple preserves the slick format with a 4.7 inch large display. For many it is just the size that will both provide a reasonably large display and an easy single-handed.

Internal differences

Something new, it is now also been to, but it is not something that can be seen on the surface.

iPhone 7 are now water-and dust-proof. Specifically, is the phone now IP 67 approved, making it just as Samsung S7 and Note 7 phones now stand for 30 minutes at one meter deep water.

Before you jump in the pool with your new iPhone, you should be aware that it is not is * guaranteed * against water damage. The warranty does not, as a starting point if your iPhone 7 should not clear the pressure. The waterproof treatment must therefore be seen more as an additional protection against splashes or other accident with wet items.

Another development is the invisible Touch ID button with the fingerprint reader, which is now no longer a physical button. Instead used iPhones 3D Touch technology to cast a short, but strong Jolt when the button is enabled – and thus mimicked the sensation of pressing a physical button.

I am now not quite convinced. It gives a physical response, Yes, but this is not about a similar button — it is perceived rather as if it is the whole of the iPhone who click with, as if it were a whopping touchpad.

It will feel different, and it took even a small week or so, before I was really friends with technology.However, it is a nice touch that you can choose between three different degrees of firmness in touch response.


It with the plug

All in all, so Apple is something conservatives with their new design – there’s not much new to track and company seem to hesitate to change the formula. But especially a decision has, however, raised some puzzled question marks: parting with jack-Jack.

In a way, it makes sense, minijack connector goes back to the fifties and needed to be gentænkt.

The only problem is that the wireless headsets and speakers are not quite mature to take over the job yet.You are free from cables, Yes, but must now live with the other annoyances of everyday life: hassle with connection and even a device that forever to be charged up.

What I saw did not comprehend, is that Apple does not take the whole hog to make the transition to newer and better technologies as smooth as possible.

It had shown no cost Apple a lot more than a few lines of code to get the already existing NFC chip to work with wireless headsets and thus make setup and pairing simpler.

It also looks like a tacky spareøvelse, when Apple does not even include a wireless headset with iPhone 7, but instead eat their customers off with a lightning-based EarPods. A headset that also does not work with the company’s own Macs-or the rest of the world’s speakers.

Fortunately, Apple includes a small Lightning-adapter for the aging mini-jack. You are therefore not enjoyed by all means to replace the home’s hear steaks and loudspeakers, but now you get so even an adapter to the collection.

Strong display

On the other hand, where there is not saved is displayed. The resolution is not amended and 750 x 1334 pixels doesn’t sound like much in 2016 – but humanity’s eyes are not been sharper since Jobs & co. introduced the retina as a concept back in 2010. It’s still sharp enough, as long as you do not nærstuderer the display.

What’s on the other hand, boosted is something that can be seen – the brightness and color depth.Outdoor has iPhone 7 the most readable display no matter how much the Sun is shining and the colors are more vibrant than ever now.

What also separates iPhone 7 out, is to display and software in interaction ensures that what you see is as genuine as possible, thanks to the color calibration after DCI-P3 color standard and active color management in iOS 10.

It provides a color fidelity that only Apple’s Pro-products, or Pcs with color calibrated monitors can match.

At the same time, 3D Touch technology continues to find, and it enriches the user experience more and more spots in both iOS and iOS ‘ 10 apps. For example, it provides a satisfying click when rolled up and down in menus and certain games like Zombie Gunship and F1 2016 gives a natural response when it kicks or exceeded out.

For the good image is a good sound, and you get plenty of in iPhone 7, which now offers stereo sound from both the top and bottom.

The extra speaker does wonders. There will be played accurately and disciplined as with its predecessor, but the sound is almost doubled. Now matches the iPhone 7 market most-playing phones.

iPhone 7 ends therefore to sounds better than any other mobile phone on the market – only matched by lydspecialisten HTC 10.

Pure brawn

With a new iPhone follows a new generation of Apple processors. This time is called the A10 Merger and the Apple is a fiery case. It is, in short, a four-core powerhouse which rises with both head and shoulder above the competitors.

iPhone 7 blower simply through every possible benchmark and the wild performance translated into a completely liquid experience – regardless of what you may set it to.

In the game is the one already compelling, graphical performance from iPhone 6S raised by 50 percent. Along with Apple’s ‘Metal’-Protocol is the basis for the present to get the most advanced effects in any smartphone to date.

A10 fusion processor shows all his power forward when the most evident, along with iPhone 6S, is the only smartphone that can edit and render 4 k videos without murmur.

The actual storage space at the same time it is also faster than before, so heavy games such as X-COM: EW initiated a handful of seconds faster than last year’s model or a topmobil as Samsung S7 Edge.

And then there is also twice as much space as apps can romp in, with either 128 or 256 GB 32, to choose from. On the other hand, the actual store is not extended.


Apple forgets something

I would, however, wish that Apple would invest the same dedication and technological ingenuity in the other performance aspects of iPhone 7-specifically the battery and antenna.

The battery has grown slightly, but the operating time is lifted rarely over one and a half day by ordinary use. Power users will often find that the tank is empty before the night’s charging is initiated.

It addresses the situation not that Apple does not integrate any kind of quick charging in charger – it is the same little charger that is now even longer to pump power into the battery.

The antenna does not seem to be strengthened during this time around. As in 6S supported 4 g +, but the antennernes ability to join the fastest network is mediocre.

Actual conversation quality, on the other hand, has nothing going wrong in my unit, til despite several reports of just such issues.

IOS 10 – a sure hit

It is the Interior that counts at Apple, we get yet another proof of the company’s newest version of the iOS operating system as with version 10 rounds its first round birthday.
And there is much to think about here.

It is the most pervasive redesign of the interface since iOS 7, and although on the surface looks like itself, usability increased sharply.

The first developments can already be spotted by lock screen. The tones produced as soon as you grab the phone. Then you can interact with notifications with a real ‘ 3D Touch ‘ and, for example, reply to a message from the lock screen.

You will be on the lock screen and flick to the right are your widgets once again at your fingertips. The individual widgets is now divided into small bubbles, which facilitates the overview. The flick you left on the lock screen go camera app started almost immediately.

The control center is now divided into two tabs. First tab provides quick access to phone functions, and now supports 3D Touch. The second tab is assigned to media control, from which you can easily manage your music or video playback.

Much can therefore be dealt with on the iPhone without the phone 7 unlocking at all. Once inside, however, compare iOS will itself – 3D-Touch features, however, are finding far more places.

Other developments are to be found in Apple’s own apps. Apple’s iMessage is now offering at a lot of options to spice up your messages with both drawings, full screen effects or even small apps with polls, mini games, or other stuff.

Track of the camera

On camera since the previous iPhones is iPhone 7 which is equipped with a camera that is not necessarily the winner on tech magazine but which nevertheless ends up to be a capable partner in everyday life.

Compared to the iPhone 6S is there remains unchanged, the sensor 12 megapixels to work with and the individual pixels are of the same size. The optics and the dedicated photo processor, however, both will get a boost.

The optics opens up to f/1.8, which closes 50 percent more light in, which is always an advantage when it gets dark. At the same time holds the camera now an effective optical stabilization that extends the possible exposure time so that a total of 6 times more light can reach down to the sensor.

It provides a gain in the dark, where iPhone 7 delivers much more noise-free and detailed results than iPhone 6S. In the night’s events match the iPhone, however, does not quite 7 Samsung S7 and Note 7 star phones.

In contrast, there is less daylight new to write about. The sensor is the same and the new optics does not seem to provide more detail than before. You will therefore remain the same good results which characterize the iPhone veleksponerede, 6S and iPhone VIEW.

For video footage gives the optical stabilization significantly better results than before. In interaction with one digital post processing removes the caffeine tremors effectively and, above all, results in 4 k impresses.

The front-facing camera get in this game a boost in resolution from 5 to 7 megapixels. And it gives, as expected better results – especially in the dark. It seems that Apple finally takes the front-facing camera in its devices seriously.


Not for everyone

Rarely has the notification of a new iPhone been so ambivalent as with this iPhone 7.

On the one hand, it is hard to get your arms down to the excellent speakers, the spectacular display, the wild performance and fine properties such as water resistance, and iOS 10 contributes.

At the same time, you will be quickly disappointed by the conservative design and annoyed by the lack of plug to the headset. A larger battery, incidentally, nor had been out of the way.

Whether iPhone 7 is right for you, therefore, falls on whether or not you will appreciate the iPhone 7 ‘s undeniable qualities and can overlook the weaknesses.

You can not, there is a bit of money to save by relying on last year’s model, or by skipping on Samsung S7’er.

Personally, however, I am convinced, and we therefore lands on five out of six stars.



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