Apple is preparing a tablet mobile?

It looks like Apple is planning to offer its next top model, iPhone 6, in several sizes.

According to the latest rumors, will the biggest iPhone 6-model look like a combination of iPod nano 7 g and Apple’s colorful cheap model iPhone 5C at percomputer. It is assumed that the next iPhone will have them on 4.7 and 5.7 inch.

Apple iPhone 6 concept picture

iPhone 6 – concept picture

The big iPhone will get a design inspired by iPhone and iPod nano 5 c 7 g, but it will not be a cheap version, but is going to be the top model. As the back cover will not be plastic, but in anodized aluminum.

Here is some more information about the upcoming iPhone 6:
* the largest model will be 7 mm thick
* launch is expected in the autumn
* According to some other sources, can the iPhone 6 coming already for July
* the next iPhone models will get an improved fingerprint reader
* We can expect a new screen technology with quantum dots
* None of the models will be of plastic
* the next iPhone will have solar cells in screen