Apple Moves from Braking and Removed from The App Store All The Games with The Confederate Flag

During the last week, the flag of the Confederate side starred in the American war (1861-1865) the debate in the United States on their racist connotations Once Dylann Roof asesinase on 18 June to nine black parishioners at a church in South Carolina.

The flag, which is still waving at some official buildings in the southern States, has been identified as a symbol of slavery and white supremacy, which has led to companies like Amazon and eBay to remove all related items in its stores just when they crowded the top of the rankings of sales.

Apple has been the next move removing from the App Store all apps which, according to its criteria, use the Confederate flag in a way “offensive or mean-spirited”, which apparently also includes any wargame about the American civil war.

The developers concerned, responsible for films like “General ultimate: Gettysburg”, “Civil War The Battle Game” or “1861 to Civil War Rebellion” among others, have been notified by the company that their apps are in breach of section 19.1 of the App store review Guide:

“19.1 apps that contain references or comments about a religious, cultural or ethnic group that is defamatory, offensive, mean-spirited or similar that you expose to this group to harm or violence may be rejected.”

In my opinion, a rule of reason in this case applied the most irrational way. Apple says that it is working with the developers of these games so that they can publish to the App Store after replacing the Confederate flag, but do not have very clear exactly what hope to put in place to represent the side Confederate in a historical simulation. The flag of the Soviet Union? Of the Russian Empire would be more exact with dates but total, already released…

Apple is wrong

“We are not eliminating apps that show the flag Confederate of an educational or historical mode”

Says the Apple representative while their actions go exactly in the opposite direction. The decision of Amazon or eBay was more than justified, but equating the purchase of a flag to the purchase of a game of war over a dispute on which this flag plays a historical role is crossing the line. Do we also eliminate films and books on the subject? We rewrite history and make clean slate and new account on Wikipedia? And why stop us in the civil war?

The Game-Labs Team, creators of the excellent General ultimate: Gettysburg, they reflect his view accepting the decision of Apple and understanding the tension that exists these days in the United States on the subject, while refuse in resounding to make any change that betray the historical nature of his game.

In “Schindler’s list”, Spielberg’s not modify your movie so that we feel more comfortable seeing it. The historical film “Gettysburg” of 1993 remains on iTunes. We believe that all forms of art historical: books, movies, or games like ours, to help learn and understand the story, depicting the events as and as. The real stories are more important to us than money.
Therefore, we will not modify the content of the game and General Ultimate: Gettysburg will not be available in the App Store. We hope really the decision of Apple to get the desired results.
We cannot change history, but we can change the future.

And is that no, this:

Is not the same as this:

Tim Cook does well by the side of the victims and their families and proposing to honor their lives eradicating racism and eliminating the symbols that feed them, but the Guide’s review of the App Store is not a guillotine hanging over the heads of developers them, who deserve nothing less than the same protection as directors and writers.

My thoughts are with the victim ‘ s families in SC. Let us honour their lives by eradicating racism & removing the symbols and words that feed it.

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) June 21, 2015

And that respect should be kept even if you go against your own interests or of the States under which you comercializas your products. Meanwhile, Valve responds by placing General ultimate: Gettysburg in front of Steam. A declaration of intent.