Apple Prepares for GoPro-Competitor

Apple has patented an action camera that can be controlled from a watch.

The prospect that the US electronics giant Apple is moving into the market for action cameras, hurts the GoPro, which now reigns in the field.

Apple has just patented an action camera that can be controlled from a smartwatch, and it cost GoPro’s stock down 12 percent. GoPro makes camera equipment, where you can film themselves with a small camera mounted on the helmet, and GoPro is also behind a selfiepind, so you can take better pictures of herself with Apple’s iPhone

The company went public in June 2014.

Operating at a clock

Tuesday was Apple, however, still a number of patents in the house, including one where iPhone users can take pictures with a camera that is controlled by a clock. Apple’s patent application specifically mentions weaknesses in the GoPro’s products and describes how a camera – eg. an iPhone telephone – can be mounted on a cykelhjælm or a surfboard and can be operated remotely from another device such as a watch phone.

GoPro has recently received a lot of competition from cheaper products but are still considered among the users of these kinds of cameras for best offer on the market.

Neither Apple or GoPro will comment on the new patents.

Apple is the world’s most valuable company and regularly sends patent requests off to protect ideas and inventions, many of which never materialize.

New features called for in unclean

However, Apple is ahead of the launch of its Apple Watch, which is expected during the spring and above all suggests that would be used for health measurements. But the so-called smarture that plenty of competitors have had on the shelves long, is not really materialized, and therefore work is everywhere on adding unclean new features that will make them indispensable – preferably pull the sale of other equipment with them.

Apple’s patent application describes the need for a camera with a ‘lower profile’, so the wind resistance and the risk of injury from passers branches reduced, and so the battery life is getting better. There include a waterproof camera which can use an underwater microphone – or ‘hydrophone’ – to record sound, like the camera to be put on a bike or a skihjælm.