Apple Silent Update

In addition to the major updates that were announced in the keynote, there was still a lot, what was not announced or not so clear on the big stage.

Mac Pro

The classic Apple computer gets, much like the laptops, new processors. For the standard user, these boxes are indeed uninteresting, but the concentrated computing power now, after almost 2 years has finally an update.

Airport Express

The station masters from immediately simultaneous dual-band, which makes the small box and your home network faster. There were small changes in  the design, now almost looks like an Apple TV in white.

MagSafe 2

The renewal of the power supply of the new MacBook brings upgrade issues for the existing system of course. You will find all cables very beautiful, regardless of use of the device. For this there is an adapter that is in the future of the thinner MagSafe 2 cable also in the MagSafe connectors (1) makes it usable.