Apple: That’s Why We’ve Removed Jack Plug into iPhone 7

With the iPhone, Apple found it necessary to scrap 7 the small 3.5 mm jack. Now the heads of several of the reasons Apple deepens, why it had to happen.

The who has created the most controversy, both before and after Wednesday’s unveiling of the iPhone 7 are disposing of it otherwise familiar and unbelievably widespread 3.5 mm jack.

There has long been speculated, which causes Apple could have to make such a drastic change-something which only Oppo with model R5 experimented with, because it was too thin to have room for the gate. Motorola has also removed the jack in the top model Moto Z-possibly to get Apple.

The new iPhone 7 are definitely not too thin to have room for a jack, and the two-hour-long event earlier this week came the Apple nor in that of music playback via Lightning-connector allows for better sound quality than with jack. What can be so form the basis of that ancient 3.5 mm jack is away?

The website Buzzfeed has been in talk with Apple’s leadership, among other things. Greg Joswiak, who sheds light on why jack had to leave life in iPhone 7. It turns out that the new, larger cameras is one of the main reasons that jack had let life

Larger camera in iPhone 7 gave space problems

Apple has equipped the cameras in iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus 7 with optical image stabilization, which requires extra space, as camera sensors actually should have a little extra room to freely move to absorb and compensate for shake. At the same time makes the extra camera sensor in iPhone 7 Plus also is well penetrated with space.

The problem is that Apple has traditionally placed a component called ‘driver ledge’ at the top of the iPhones where the camera is located. This component consists of a small printed circuit board that drives the screen and its backlighting.

Apple found it necessary to move this ‘ driver ledge ‘ elsewhere. First tried Apple just to move the component a bit further down, but other components come in advance of it. That is why we went into practice with to experiment with removing the jack, then suddenly was good with room for the circuit board.

“The (component, ed.) kept us back from several things that we wanted to add in iPhone. The fought for space with camera technologies and processors and battery. And frankly, when there is a better, modern solution available, is it crazy to keep it “, says Greg.

Apple did in this context more discoveries, which strengthened the US producer in that this solution was not so stupid after all. First, it was easier to install the motor to the haptic feedback of the new touchbaserede home-button. The second discovery, as Apple did, was that the battery capacity now could be increased further, now that jack was removed.

In iPhone 7 are the battery was 14% more, so capacity has risen from 1,715 mAh in iPhone 6s to about 1.955 nomination as mAh in iPhone 7, while there has been an increase of 5% in iPhone 7. Thus, Apple has gotten squeezed two hours of extra consumption out of the phones without making them larger or thicker.

The third advantage that Apple found, is that without the jack was significantly easier to do iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus water-and dust-resistant with an IP67 certification, so you without having to worry can lower them down to 1 meter deep water for up to 30 minutes.

Apple: no hidden motives behind the abolition

There has also been speculation that Apple has removed jack socket for the later to be able to introduce strict control, so that only can be played legally, DRM-protected music, but it rejects one of Apple’s other managers, Phil Schiller:

“The notion that there is something hidden motif behind this move, or that it will initiate a form of content management, is simply not true. We remove the jack, because we have developed a better way to deliver audio on. It has nothing to do with content management or DRM — it’s pure, paranoid conspiracy theory, “ he says to the website.

There must also be presumed to be a potential major source of revenue for Apple for accessories, now where there will be a market for headphones and other audio products with Lightning-Jack instead of jack. It is also something that Apple has already exercised, as there are new products on the way for iPhone Beats-7.

The better sound quality, as Lightning Jack can provide, is not the main reason why jack has disappeared, but lack of space as well as the opportunities offered by the extra space, where jack was previously, gives.

Divided readers about farewell to jack

Apple’s courageous traits have already been extensively discussed since its launch, and on the mobile site are readers also divided over whether it is a good or bad idea.

In the mobile page’s previous vote believe a small majority of just over one-third, that Apple has made mistakes in removing it, while there is barely another third who believe that Lightning-solution is the right way to go. Finally, there are 28%, which is in doubt, but can see the future in wireless products.

What do you think about Apple’s abolition of the jack? The above mentioned you can even take part in the vote below, and then you are as always welcome to justify the vote, you give off.