Apple’s Warranty Does Not Cover Water Damage iPhone 7

iPhone 7 are both water-and dust-resistant, so it lives up to the requirements of IP67 certification, but water damage is not covered under warranty.

Even though Apple can entice with a so-called IP67 certification in the new iPhone 7, you cannot lower it in the pool every day and take it underwater on a several hours-long beach trip as it suits you.

There is a big difference between the degrees of protection against water and dust, which are indicated by an IP code or certification. In iPhone 7 ‘s event called the IP67, which covers over water-and dust density in down to 1 m depth in Max. 30 minutes.

Then there are other phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S7, that has a IP68 certification. Technically, the water-and dustproof, but Samsung markets it will continue only as a ‘water-and dust-resistant’.

iPhone 7 are therefore not waterclose, which is otherwise extensively have been written in connection with the launch of the phone. It can be seen as water resistance and water resistance often mistakenly used interchangeably.

It’s Apple certainly also aware, that’s why the producer at the bottom of its home page added a usual note, which clearly says that you have to be careful with how you expose iPhone 7 for water for the warranty does not cover water damage, if such should show up.

“iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus 7 is splash-, water-and dust-resistant. They are tested under controlled conditions in a laboratory and was IP67 classified in accordance with IEC standard 60529. Splash-, water-and dust the bounce rate is not permanent and can be reduced by regular use. Do not charge a wet iPhone. Refer to the user manual, how to clean and dry it. The guarantee does not cover liquid damage. “

This practice is in no way new or unusual, for iPhone 7 are simply not enough proof to be able to cope with the higher water pressure over a longer period of time, which is necessary for the iPhone would be able to get a IP68-7 certification and thus be waterproof.

And even if that were the case, Apple would probably also take the same precautions as Samsung and just market it as water resistant in order to avoid the same problems as Sony.