Application to Get Young People to Vote in the Elections

A new application to get more young people in Brønderslev Municipality to vote for the upcoming municipal elections.

In war and love applies to all rules and it also makes it when young people are lured to the ballot box by the forthcoming municipal elections on 19 March. November. It writes our site.

In Brønderslev Municipality there are 996 first-time voters, who next week will receive an invitation letter to vote, as well as an offer to download a new choice application.

-“Young people’s turnout in municipal elections in the period from 1997-2009 has fallen from 54 percent to 46 percent, so all tricks must be taken into use,” said the Socialist Mayor of Brønderslev Municipality Lene Hansen.

The application tells which candidates put forward and what they stand for, as well as where to find the nearest polling station.

The app can be downloaded from the 4. November.