Apps Can Retrieve the Secret Numbers [Update]

Third party apps can access and collect phone numbers – even secret-without having been allowed to the

In order to get things to slide a little easier, telecommunications companies sometimes automatically sends customer phone numbers to its partners. There is a vulnerability in the tilsneladende approach, and it means that apps can harvest and save the phone numbers-even if they are secret.

A HTX-student and his buddy with an app has proven that it is possible to have pulled the phone number with out-though it should not be possible to do, it is write our site. 

Corinne T B, there are Solutions Architect and Partner in appudviklingsfirmaet iDeal Development, viewed the code that lies behind the app that has proved this vulnerability. He believes that the code looks credible.

The convenience of a top priority

Part of the explanation lies in the fact that it is a little easier when the phone number will be sent with the automatic. The alternative could be that but each time had to enter his number on a given service, if it is not automatically sent to the page you visit from your phone.

And it does not matter whether the number is secret or not. For example, a service must have access to the phone number, when it is content from services like to vote for dancing with the stars.

The telecommunications industry has acknowledged that the way the system is constructed now may not be optimal, and therefore we will examine safety. Turns out not to be in the top, then there will be tightened up, writes Jacob Willer, who is Director of the Telecommunications industry in an email to

Telecommunications companies are changing practice [UPDATE]

The telecommunications industry, which is the industry’s total vote, has just announced that TDC, Telia and Telenor have chosen to change practices and close down all of the affected services no later than tomorrow, Wednesday.

Jacob Willer writes on the telecommunications industry’s website, that technology has run from the previous approach – it has been both outdated and inappropriate.

Phone company 3 is not part of the Organization, and that is why the telecom industry not included in this notice.