Are Leggings Pants

I have slowly started to riepoo people commenting legginseistä. The world’s silliest comment is “Leggings are not pants” and should not be heard on several of the leggareiden anger. More “concise” they have not come up with for words, because that is the only phrase I’ve heard hoettavan. Or starts to be really worn out.

But what are they? Now, if you say that the “long underwear or pantyhose, so healthy! First of all, long underwear and sukkikset are also eriasia with each other and indeed are different. Long kalsareita and nylon stockings as I feel I can be compared with each other. If the purpose of their use is the same, so then of course. But I have not seen anyone move in long underpants I’m wearing a skirt wearing. If you can understand my point.


Well, what then are the trousers? If you look at online stores there is a category, which is: jeans, leggings, shorts, jegginsit, straight pants, tights, etc. That is, all where there are two camouflage suit. Or this luotteloinnin according to the, Yes, leggings are the pants. Or pants are the overarching category when referring to, which includes a variety of pants.

According to the Wikipedia definition of trousers is this:

“The pants are the demands not only of foot inserts to protect the intended piece of clothing. The upper part of the lower part of the pants at the waist, a two-piece cover is, in turn, with both feet. On one of the lower part of the trousers is made up of two; both legs in your leg. The pants will stay on my feet usually a belt or henkseleiden. Often the pants tightened onto the zipper or buttons to. ”

In addition, has listed the definition of leggings:

  • lingerie (“kalsareita”) used in the protective layer of the skin and the clothing.
  • the suit pants are a telescope design costume collection.
  • shorts are lyhytlahkeiset pants.
  • , traditional Japanese Hakama pants
  • a strong denim jeans are a special-made trousers.
  • Lederhosen, leather pants
  • tights
  • Leggings
  • breeches

In other words most of the online clothing stores, as well as the Wikipedia according to the leggings are the pants. Or wear a subcategory. Or why then keep arguing about whether or not a leggings pants? When they’d clearly are the pants, the pantyhose, shorts, etc. are. Obviously the biggest problem is the fact that the majority of legginsien users have lost the idea of how the legginsejä is used. Legginsejähän should be used for tunics and with that cover the seat or e.g. minihameen or shorts below, when you want to.

Just great for this “Leggings are not pants” thing was found ‘ Not like other boys ‘ blog. In the story, click here. The blogger would be, of course, have access to what kinds of leggings are and how to use them. The majority of these photographs, the user has the sukkikset and otherwise, it is a style of Mok alone. Or the folks! The story the pictures should be the next funny home videos section and not the argument it really matter whether or not the leggins pant.

I am in love with legginseihin. Especially now, after pregnancy, when you still have the old housuistani and no jeans tursun own do not seem to be sitting on top of the. Leggins support comfortably loosen the dangling belly is much smaller … and what’s best not to squeeze any. I will hurl abuse at the legginsejä and kerkiätte, on behalf of, but instead put already for God’s sake! I am sure I will use legginsejä though who wouldn’t say what. I do not want to put on my clothes at the moment, dyspnoea.

I must admit that I do not leggareita to use without a dress, minaria, or shorts. In one of the ass must be hidden. 😀 But they were not. My current look is mostly based on a range of tunikoista and leggareista. It is considered the style again, when I get to shed his the rest of the pregnancy. However, it may be that I am not one of these leggareista will not give up yet. IT IS JUST SO COMFY!