Are You Wearing the Right Pants?

Over such details, such as underpants you might not even think about thinking. Just in the shop you take the ones that you like, you estimate the size and head straight to the checkout. Then at home but maybe a rage that somewhere dig and feel good in them, or are comforted by the fact that this is not normal, and it did not not thinking.

Are You Wearing the Right Pants?

Yet if the pants too small or too large, they are always under clothing to see, and they can spoil your whole outfit. Not for nothing that says how you feel today, it depends on what kind of underwear you’re wearing.

By the way, did you know that women buy most often either too small, or too big pants? Let’s start by choosing the right size.

The right size

That your pants fit well, you can tell that they are on the character off, nowhere is no bunching or not cut. Therefore, do not rely on the fact that if you wear pants M, take briefs in the “emku” and you’re done. Spend time buying and casual pants can go try. This is true even if you have your favorite store with underwear. Each panties have different pattern, so do not count on that when you last fell “Esko” fits you again.

“If you wear a thong panties, it is always advisable to buy them one size larger than conventional panties, because it is then much more comfortable to wear,” says an expert on lingerie Michaela Vlčková.

right cut

There are a variety of types of briefs that shape the figure, for example, or are completely invisible under clothing. For example if you have a favorite Fitted dress in which you feel completely confident that due to some irregularities, get withdraws panties, which will wipe out the figure from chest to thighs.

“If you wear like leggings, but it bothers you hem pants that are looming outside, you can choose the so-called invisible panties, thongs or shorts. They are invisible because the edges are finished with a special technique of laser, and are therefore not under clothing to see,” says Michaela Vlčková.

The stores will also see many other types and styles of panties. In addition to the classic ones that are knickers, which is also called boyleg or šortkové briefs, as well as tango, Brazilian briefs, which are briefs cut to half ass, panties waist-Italian briefs that have lace back, or panties string, u which is a miniature, rear and a front part only connected by thin strips on the sides.

Testing in the booth

As already mentioned, it is always better to try panties in the store, especially when underwear can later be exchanged or refunded. Briefs always try on your own underwear or stockings, never on naked body. If you know that you go buy pants, it’s good not to have to pull each other linens that may affect how you sit the test type.

If you shop in a store that specializes strictly in underwear, do not be afraid to ask the staff for their opinion or advice. In these stores are trained saleswomen, which in sizes and cuts perfectly versed.

current trends

Among the biggest trends in the panty include variations of styles and colors. Trendiest are high briefs to the waist, designers are inspired by 30th and 40th years of the last century. Furthermore, they are very popular shorts, panties and also invisible in all possible cuts. They remain trendy and lace panties.

Since its second season among the main trends in the underwear color, then every woman when buying lingerie should know that one bra must be purchased at least two pairs of panties of the same color and design where you can combine your favorite cuts.

And if you yourself are not sure in which cuts and colors look best, simply take your partner for shopping. Sure will be glad to tell, what he likes most. And as we know, when women like men, do well for themselves.