Ask the Tourists Who Bring Foreign Products with PleaseBringMe

Each country has an item that is part of their culture. No matter what, local products are very disputed when traveling abroad. Always have that friend who is traveling outside Brazil and brings an item from electronics to chocolates. As not always have a known going abroad, two Turks took the leaves and created PleaseBringMe, which is a kind of social network for the exchange of objects.

The product is intended for exchange of local objects, such as beverages, tobacco and consumer items. There are two types of situation: first, you are at home and want to get a product of any visitor; in the second, you are traveling and are willing to bring products to where you live. In return for the favor, the local resident can pay for shipping, or offer to fellow perks such as search at the airport, invite you to a party or take a city tour of the trip.

The agreement is done by email, so that the site is just a place for the dissemination of “services”. However, PleaseBringMe advises travelers to take precautions, especially in order to bring objects sent by others. To be no problem with transport illicit goods, the site recommends that foreign open the boxes before taking the trip to see if there is no risk in transport.

It’s a great idea. As well said Gustavo Carneiro on Twitter, is a peer to peer network import. No doubt many foreigners ask Havaianas and rum for Brazilians traveling abroad.