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ASUS Zenfone Laser 2 Review

ASUS, after releasing, still today, an update to the Zenfone Zoom, also updates the Zenfone Laser 2, introducing several fixes and some new features, such as the implementation of panning mode Asus Camera application and the new Sphere platform ZenChoice.

The Build of this update is V that leaves unchanged the Andorid version. We present the full changelog translated into Italian:

    • Updates to different App
    • Fix of the Mandarin language as you type “Xu” in dialer
    • Improving the stability of Asus Cell Broadcast

  • Solved problems of absence service after inserting Sim STK 2

ASUS Zenfone Laser 2 Review

  • Implementation of ZenChoice-all-in-One platform to customize and enrich the capabilities of the device
  • Addition of the Burmese language in ZenUI
  • New features of Asus Camera
    • Panoramic mode Sphere
    • Adjusting the ambient light in beauty mode. This function provides a more natural light to people’s faces. Touch the Sun icon to enable/disable that function.
  • Adding the time zone Asia/Manila
  • Adding new premium themes within the store
  • Added settings for the screenshot audio
  • Added new feature to Android for Work

The upgrade should reach all smartphones Zenfone Laser 2 within one week. You can try to force it upon entering into the settings and manually checking for an update.

For the original version of the changelog, please consult the official forum.