Athletic Shoes to Do Sport

As its name suggests, the sneakers have been since its inception, for practicing certain sports such as running, basketball, football, tennis… or go to the gym. However, more and more, we see how many girls and boys look coat jeans and sneakers precious ankles. And the most surprising thing of all is that we love!

Now the shoes as described in act-test-centers arrive to stay in our closet every day of the week and far from the sport looks and the sweatpants.

With them, we lowered the classicism of the modern looks with high heels and provide youth and chic flair to our legs.

How can we keep sneakers daily?

This type of shoe looks great with jeans, skinny pants and even with casual dresses and skirts. Now in winter, are perfect with shelters three quarters!

How to avoid falling into a disaster, ideally not get never sports socks! Renew your drawer of socks and buy yourself a few pinkis to show off ankles, and of course, don’t forget to moisturize them so they look beautiful.

At we have the best trainers to do sport, precious and perfect styling feet and comfortable to hold with them throughout the day. To work, to shopping, to enjoy a cup of coffee or go out to eat, Roger Miltonslippers, highest quality and manufactured in Spain with the best natural skins will be from now on your main allied to go perfect.

With laces or velcro, choose your ideal model and begins a new stage in your outfits. You can call us at 605 490 000 or write us a WhatsApp to your order. Shipping is free and your feet deserve it!