Audi Challenge Google with Førerløs Car

German Audi is also in the process of making a car that can run by itself, and it is a bit of a racer.

Google is not the only thing that works on driverless cars. Audi is one of the competitors, and they have just tested their RS7 on the Hockenheim circuit in Germany. Here reached up the car at 240 km/h.

Actually struck the car even the time was set by a human is running in the same car. Audi’s engineers is, however, well aware that even if the car can run fast without driver on a closed course, so it doesn’t mean that it is ready for the public roads.

The test, however, is a step toward it, as Audi calls ‘piloted driving’, so when you get the car to run for them. For example, in a traffic jam, in which case it will not be necessary to keep up with the traffic you get is through the stopper. So you can sit with its smartphone instead, for example.

Audi RS7 uses a variety of sensors to navigate around the track as cameras, laser scanners and GPS, and Audi has developed on the idea for 15 years.

In addition to Google and Audi, so are some of the companies that are investigating the possibilities of førerløs drive, among others, Mercedes, Volvo, Toyota and Tesla.