Away with Your Phone When You Drive a Car-the Police Keep an Eye

Starting today through leads police to a nationwide check of drivers who don’t pay attention to their driving.

As part of the campaign ‘run car when you drive a car’ starts today Tuesday a nationwide police control with focus on inattentive motorists.

Since January, more than 19,000 road users received a fine for using hand-held mobile phone while driving in traffic, showing new figures from the national police.

Inattention play into every third fatal accident in traffic. It enables the Council to Secure Traffic and Insurance & Pension focus on in the nationwide campaign which starts today and runs the next week.

If you are browsing on your mobile for four seconds, then you’ve run so far in the dark:

50 km/h: 56 meters
80 km/h.: 89 meters
110 km/h.: 122 meters
Source: Council for Safe Traffic

What can take your attention when you drive a car?

Inattention is not, as many mistakenly think things outside the car. 70% of the things that take our attention can be found in the car. It may be that:

  • you are on the phone or reading/writing text
  • you set the GPS or radio
  • you gather things up from the floor or glove compartment
  • you eat or drink
  • you take care of troubled children or talk with your fellow travellers
  • you are stressed and have mind an entirely different place

You know, it is dangerous. And yet, you may not be able to completely say free yourself for having done a number of things. Maybe you try to compensate by putting the move down in the meantime, but it is not always enough to prevent the risk of accidents. Risk of accidents increase markedly because it reacts too late and too slowly to unexpected situations. And have you not the eyes with you when you might not to react!

You can read more about the campaign on Sikkertrafik’s website.