Babies Use Increasingly Smartphones

A new study shows that four out of ten American children under two years of age have used either a smartphone or a tablet.

Some parents are gradually starting to discuss how the smart phone affect family life and that perhaps should be some hours on day one is completely “offline”, but while this so many children, continues all the way down in the “baby-age”, taking the smartphones and tablets.

A new study, carried out by GfK for the American family organization, Comon Sense media, showing 38 percent corresponds to their smallest children using smartphones or tablets, this is an increase from only 10 percent two years ago. It writes our site.

And the American children are using smartphones and tablets, as never before-and also for a longer period of time. 72 per cent of all children under the age of eight years has used a smartphone or tablet.

The American children who have access to a smartphone or tablet, it uses an average of an hour and seven minutes every day, this is a large increase from 2011, where the number “only” was 43 minutes.

However, the fall children’s use in front of the other screens, where children under the age of eight years in 2011 sat an hour and nine minutes in front of the television, it is now only 57 minutes. Also in front of the computer screen time is minimized, from 17 to 11 minutes and DVD films has dropped from 31 to 22 minutes.

A new study from Denmark by, also shows that kids have great participation when the choice of the tablet is taken.