Back Skirt Trousers

Directly from the 90s back in vogue here is one of the most comfortable and innovative garments that all we wore: the trouser skirt. Learn how to pair it to make it current!

Who among us he has never worn a little girl, perhaps combined with a blouse with lace profiles?

Who does not remember the stars of Beverly Hills 90210 that constantly wore?

We are talking about a must-90s, the skirt trousers!

Remained at the margins of fashion for many years, it returned to invade our wardrobes with new, fresh combinations.

It is a fashion leader, perfect to wear with the top crop , another great return for the same period, to slim the figure.
The combination of large and comfortable shorts with a high waist, similar to a flowing skirt but a lot more comfortable with the very short top, then as now dream about the most fashionable.
the two leaders are in fact born to be combined together in a perfect balance of volumes and contrasts.

Perfect for every occasion, from sportswear to the most elegant, the divided skirt is a versatile garment , which deceives the eye of the beholder and creates surprise, because it looks like a mini-skirt but it is not!

The models currently on the market link asymmetry, the original prints or the classic colors or pastel, allowing us to wear a dress with a vintage allure, but never out of fashion.

To make the divided skirt suits to evening often enough in fact combine a shiny bag and a nice pair of high heels maybe with ankle strap, that will help propel the physical.

Attention instead to the combination with ultra-flat sandals and ballerinas : dare only if you have very long legs, or avoided the skirt trousers at the knee, which tends to shorten the figure, preferring that to shorts effect, that put less in evidence the flaws of the legs.

Another version is suitable for all that long, difficult to distinguish from one of the long skirts gypsy style, very fashionable last year. It is a skirt versatile and cool pants, perfect for summer and that anyone can lead without much thought, simply by linking it to a shirt.

1. The skirt suit pants

One head with which to be ready immediately, without further combinations.

The pink skirt suit with short trousers with a high waist is very chic, in powder pink shades, with cross lace detail on the back.

Perfect with a pair of cleavage of the same hue, for a ultra-chic look.

Lo find are: eHistorylib – Total jumpsuit rosa

2. Long and flourished

Long, perfect to wear with a t-shirt basic and contrasting amphibians, or romantic flat sandals with floral decorations, this skirt pant suits all day and if they can afford it.

Lo trovi qui: ASOS – Maxi skirt floral print

3. Basic in nero

The skirt trousers that can not miss in the closet this season is black, suitable for all combinations, perfect with all the shirts and tops that you own, accessorise with a big roomy bag in ethno chic style to add color.

Lo trovi that: ASOS – Briefs shorts

4. Medium Turquoise

Skirt pants in turquoise, one of the top colors of the season, straight cut and rigorous, perfect with a simple white shirt and sandals, preferably with a little heel to camouflage imperfections of the legs, with this length in the calf, They could be accentuated.

Lo trovi qui: ASOS – Mid lenght short in soft green

5. Medium Coral

The coral color is perfect combined with soft jersey, in a divided skirt from loose cut, perfect to combine with a large white crop top and sandals with wedge, to feel the true fashionista.

Lo trovi that: ASOS – straight pants trousers

6. Surfer Style

Perfect to recreate the style of holiday in the city, this skirt pant is inspired by the surfer style and floral design is perfect paired with a shirt on powder blue or red tones that recall the colors of the press.

Lo trovi qui: ASOS – Culotte shorts in floral scuba style

7. Stile new hippie

Just a shirt vintage, the John Lennon-style glasses, many boho accessories worn in layers and skirt pants from the little fantasy flowers on pink background to feel the hippie of our century, with a nod to the 90s.

Lo trovi that: ASOS – Floral printed shorts panties

8. Ultra chic

The skirt pants version evening wear: black lace, pleated, very high life.

Perfect paired with a silk top and sandals nude-effect, for a sensual evening with your man, to seduce him in an unusual way.

Lo trovi qui: ASOS – Culotte shorts in pleated lace

9. Ricordi aztechi

Skirts pants with prints are varied and original: this black and white version Aztec is perfect with a minimal style for black tshirt and flat shoes Roman style, with a few accessories always in black and white.

Lo trovi qui: ASOS – Culottes in mono aztec print

10. Elegant and formal

Perfect for the office, the skirt long middle pants anthracite soft and undulating folds cut is further strengthened by a thin belt at the waist and fastened at the ankle shoes, to make the look more feminine.

Male form, female floating in his being, in perfect Parisian style.

Lo trovi that: ASOS – Pleat pants

11. Sporty

Perfect for a sports version, the skirt straight and wide pants are easy to match with a sweatshirt or jacket bomber skintight, which appears to have been stolen from your him.

Add a baseball cap for a twist!

Lo trovi that: ASOS – Straight Pants Trousers

12. Romantically femminile

The female version of the divided skirt has a press bicolor to large daisies, perfect with bracelets and the oriental-style rings or with Navajo inspiration and handbag with fringe.

Lo trovi that: SHEILA HIGHT RISE – Panty Shorts

13. Surprising

The main feature of the trouser skirt is its ability to surprise: this version in soft stretch cotton with irregular stripes is the proof.

In front it looks like a mini wrap skirt, while a view from behind you bet whether it’s a pair of shorts!

Get it here: Aryn K SKORT – Gonna wrap pants

14. For those who love the jeans

For the true “denim addicted” it is impossible to give up the pants version of the skirt in jeans, perfect even with the canvas shoes for the everyday life (and for those who love to dare).

Practice as a denim skirt, but more trendy!

Lo trovi that: ASOS – Mih Jeans The Taos Panties

15. Safari

For those who love the khaki pants is a must the skirt polyester, safari style, from classic and elegant cut, half-length.

Perfect pairing with cream or sand.

Lo trovi qui: ASOS – Culotte with wrap pleat front

16. Damascus

For a combination with the new tank salmon is purchased, it is the perfect trouser skirt with a dark background, with damask print.

An exotic shapes game, the regular cutting and easy, suitable for all.

Lo trovi that: ASOS – Briefs shorts in tropical print

17. Country-boho

For those who have a beautiful country-style trousers skirt with patterned medium flowers in warm colors, combined with backpack in leather and ankle boots Texans, for a new adventure in the open air, without renouncing to be fashionable.