Baking with Children: Simple and Delicious Recipes

The temperatures are falling, the shop windows are festively decorated and the first Christmas markets have opened their stands. Gradually the anticipation for the Christmas festival is rising. But not only extensive decoration and mulled wine are an indispensable part of the Christmas season. The obligatory cookie baking is simply part of it.

The “Christmas bakery” is one of the most beautiful childhood memories and no child should miss this. For this reason, I have put together a selection of simple, delicious recipes, which taste the small and big bakers and enjoy.

Back Recipe for Baked Pastries

Sprinkles are known as straight lines, snakes, or circles, partially covered with chocolate. There are so many other design possibilities. How about a change of color with a Christmas tree, an angel face or a Christmas present? With colored powdered fruit and colorful sugar sprinkles, this becomes a children’s game.

Here is the recipe as PDF for download

Cinnamon Rolls Bake with Children

Cinnamon rolls are also always popular treats. The rolled pastry pieces, covered with colored sugar, are the highlight on the Christmas plate. It is said to be fast before all cinnamon rolls are out of print.

Here is the recipe as PDF for download

American Bake – Creative & Easy

Although Americans are not typical winter pastries, with a few Christmas decorations, they are quickly adapted to the season. There are no limits to creativity. With food colors and colored sprinkles you can conjure up great winter motifs on the delicious sweets.

Here is the recipe as PDF for download

A nice baking time wishes your Werner.