Bale Dropping Jobs-Role

It was otherwise as good as certain that Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in an upcoming film, but the actor has jumped from.

One of Hollywood’s biggest names were supposed to have played one of the tech-world’s biggest names, but Christian Bale has decided that he will not be playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming movie.

Bale was otherwise seen as a good choice, and Director Danny Boyle was very happy with the choice.It is right now not any justification, which is publicly known, when it comes to why He chose to jump from the movie.

It has been a long process for the people behind the movie to fill the lead role. Bale was first mentioned for about half a year ago, but the role of Steve Jobs have since been linked to several major actors.

Although the lead role once again hangs in the dark, it seems that another role may have found its man. The characteristic of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who also is a consultant on the film, probably portrayed by actor Seth Rogen.