Ballon Bleu de Cartier Watch:

The “Ballon Bleu Cartier – Parrot with floral inlay” is even more rare than the yellow Macaw in the wild.

Not only as an exclusive collectible, this strictly limited women’s watch from Cartier is a rarity. Also the handicraft technology used for the dial for the first time the floral marquetry is a previously unknown first – and not only in the art of watchmaking.

Even though it seemingly looks at first glance: the very plastic-looking Gefider the Parrot consists not of springs or an other material commonly used in the Goldsmith’s art. But it was – surprise! – minutos composed of real flower petals. The Parrot is designed in a completely new, unique and specially in the House of Cartier developed technique of floral inlay of genuine, delicate petals.

Extraordinary Crafts at Cartier

According to insidewatch, this French jewellery and watch company Cartier was founded more than 160 years ago, and always emphasized on exceptional craft. In the profession of art studios at the manufacture of High quality watchmaking, which develop the Cartier art called collection of creativejewellery watches at Cartier, maintained until today rare, forgotten craft techniques and revived.In this very special case, however, even a previously unknown, very elaborate craft technique was reinvented specially: the floral marquetry from real flower petals. Was the requirement to do so: the ephemeral, to capture the fleeting beauty of the flowers, they forever hold and maintain.

The Rosewood Inlay

The parrot on the latest women’s watch by Cartier from the series Cartier Art makes a single dazzling color binge. Never before was a brilliant Ballon Bleu de Cartier with so many colors. Each of the bright green, yellow orange and Blue Springs is actually made from carefully-cut petals of roses. The newly created process is very time consuming and requires a variety of working hours. The most skilled hands are being sought for the meticulous precision work.

Creative Jewelry Watches Cartier Art

The process begins with the collection of petals, which are dried, dyed, and preserved in a special process. Carefully selected for color and size, they are fixated on wafer-thin planks from which the tiny and thin sections cut out. On the dial by 42 mm diameter, are they together puzzles then in difficult miniature Assembly piece by piece and layer by layer one above the other and merge to the colorful plumage of the Parrot.

Very Rare Yellow Macaw

These skilled hands are so skilled, so lifelike Parrot created by them acts as adornment of the dial on this watch, that you easily recognize the role model of the exotic bird and can determine exactly: it’s a yellow macaw. Its plumage is blue at the top, on the chest and the abdomen golden yellow colored. This color runs to the back of the neck over the head and passes into a turquoise iridescent blue. It is found in Brazil and in other countries of South America. He is on the red list of threatened species since 2008 because of his desirable luminous spring jewellery. But as “Ballon Bleu de Cartier Parrot with floral inlay” of yellow Macaw is still far less common. As a clock, there are worldwide only 20 numbered copies of him.

Valuable Stock with High-Quality Gems

The bare cheeks of yolk chest macaws are white and have some small, black-dotted feathers. The grey and black feathers around the green eyes of the Parrot, which consists of an emerald, applied on the dial of the precious Lady watch rhodium-plated white gold 18 carats with miniature paintings. Precious gems sparkle with the colourful plumage to the bet. The shining is a tiny piece of Onyx. 124 diamonds by a total of 1.8 carats; make the dial background inserted into a fine rose gold skeleton the bezel is set with 43 diamonds from 0.42 carats. A blue Saphit Carbochon adorns the fluted Crown. The matching bracelet that is made of white alligator leather.

Precious Collector Rarity

You can read equipped with a mechanical Swiss manufacture movement also the time from this amazingly skilful watch with automatic movement and Sword-shaped hands made of polished grey steel. As always with especially rare and correspondingly precious collector rarities: price on request.