Basic Clothes To Wear When You’re Pregnant

Not that I’m a fashion expert but I feel that being my second pregnancy I can give you an opinion on how to dress comfortably during these nine months of waiting.

I must confess that in my first pregnancy it is not that I dress very beautiful since 6 years ago the clothes of pregnant were even uglier than now because the truth I do not know what happens with some maternity clothes as described in but is that make them frightening with some Colors, styles and horrible textures.
For that then the fashion was not fit because it was a little more tight to the body and it is that they can believe that just a year or two years I had my son plinnnn fashion changed and came the fashion to wear clothes wider and without being Pregnant … What courage gave me at that time already had cute clothes and fashion that being pregnant you could adapt to your pregnancy.

For this second pregnancy my sister Melissa  @ mdelc83 sentenced  me that I could not wear the type of clothes I used in my previous expectation and I tell them they were wide suits and jeans and shirts no more …

With such sentence and as she is much more active in the latest fashion I asked for advice and well we came to the following conclusions and if I have worked, I am pretty and fashionable with my tummy and my body not so well proportioned, lol .. ..

Now to the tips …………

  1. Primordial do not fill yourself with maternal clothes remember that these are only 9 months and then you will do with so much clothing.
  1. Buy basic clothing that you can trade with each other.
  1. Check your wardrobe and see that you have a little wider that you can keep putting it for a while longer.
  1. In pants buy the basics in my opinion are the ones I bought (maternal long black, chocolate, gray, maternal jeans black and blue and short jeans and chocolate)
  1. Black Leggins (I’m still using mine from before)
  1. Wear cardigans or sacks as they greatly emphasize the figure above T-shirts.These t-shirts can be bought either maternity or normal but larger size.
  1. If maternity clothes do not convince you at all go to the large sizes section there they sell modern clothes (totally fashionable) and you can adapt to your new figure.
  1. Remember that there is always the option of suits but nice and modern that you can find more in the section of large sizes.
  1. Remember to make-up and use your fashion accessories.By experience I know that the first few months we have some that we do not want to stop the bed much less take off our pajamas but with the passage of weeks 12 in some, 16 in others and until 20 in other things change and we feel a little best.10. Uses comfortable shoes preferably low and if you have something more special use for short time the type platform as they stabilize and give better balance. 11.   Ah, I forgot … to avoid wearing wide shirts with wide pants; This reminds me a lot Melissa because it makes you look smaller in size.
  1. And remember that if you try to take advantage of our new curves and not hide them, we must look proud of our beautiful figure and enjoy it as time passes very quickly.