Basic Pieces Women’s Wardrobe

Women love to shop. We always think there’s something missing in our wardrobe for another that is clogged with so many pieces of the most varied. However, we’re not always with money to buy the clothes of the moment. In fact, a person who knows how to dress well you don’t need much money.

If you have good taste and creativity, can do very well in their looks. They can be made with basic roupaspecas, those that we use on a daily basis, but there are ways to increase the visual using simple pieces with the right accessories at the right time.

Basic parts

First of all it is necessary to identify which are the pieces considered classics. These, can not miss in your closet in no event. Have more basic clothing is like having a Joker always on hand. Clothes like black pants, white shirt, pencil skirt, jeans and t-shirts of various prints come in the package.

Just to go to dinner or company parties need to give a visual upgrade. But it is quite simple: use accessories. The accessories are like the icing on the cake. They can offer sophistication and elegance to any look. Invest in maxi necklaces, some heels and a perfect handbag.

Riding looks

Here are some ideas from looks to inspire you. All of them made with basic pieces that you might have at home or you can find them in any department store. They are cheap and fits very well in your pocket.

Look: floral Dress with flip flops

This visual looks really good for the summer, especially if you are on the coast. The flats are comfortable, offer freedom for feet and marry perfectly with dresses. Other basic floral dress look is joining the the Jean jacket and boots for the winter.

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Look: Jeans with a t-shirt and sneaker

The jeans is a key piece in the wardrobe of any woman. At least a pair of jeans you sure have. T-shirt or t-shirt is a wardrobe item that makes you comfortable all day, especially in warmer locations. The sneaker is the type of shoe that delivers elegance to go to work (depending on the level of formality) or to go to the supermarket shopping.

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Look: Hit with leggings

Who says tap is with exclusive leggings use of pregnant women? Is the type of clothing to wear when you want to stay as comfortable as possible and is not too concerned about impressing anyone. Just want to do what you have to do and get back home. You can spice up the look with beautiful accessories.

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Look: jeans, t-shirt and anabela

This look can also be used with a shoe or with thicker heels sandals that are high at the moment. It also looks really good with a maxi paste colored or a handkerchief tied around his neck if it is not too hot.

Look: Boyfriends Shorts and tank top

Perfect for a Sunday afternoon or for an ice cream with her friends. You can change the look and adapt it to different events. Putting a Sandals, a sneaker or heels you can go with podeé Nannan that look for different places. Always, of course, perfecting the make-up and accessories.