BB Creams in the Comparison

A few days ago I have Yes → already announced, that I you the BB creams by Missha M, Garnier and MAC something better would like to introduce. “Something better” was now a huge post, for which I made many pictures and hope that I can get you a little more insight.

Again on the topic of BB cream:
The BB cream (short for “blemish balm”) was originally developed in Germany and came to Asia, where it is very popular. Finally, she replaced some products in the daily care and makeup routine. The principle of a toned day cream has been expanded a bit – so the BB cream is to create a smooth and flawless, radiant complexion. Preferably she brightens even (which is also an important point in Asia, known to have put so many ladies there on whitening creams, etc.). The opacity is slightly higher than in conventional “tinted moisturizer” letting impurities products -, redness, eye shadow and other blemishes such as scars disappear and conjures up a smooth complexion. The care is of course also very important and moisturises the skin, with a decent sun protection factor.

BB Creams in the Comparison

Previously, I can say: I was completely retuned. While I thought that the BB cream by for me would be perfect, one of the other two on the first place has cheated himself now – while I thought that this is probably almost be most inopportune would (not least because there is only a shade!).

All three are actually quite good, only one does something worse. Anyway I can recommend all three – but these now equal more, after the jump! 🙂

I would like to start with the swatches. After I saw that indeed, I was not even totally insecure. I at first assumed that the “Perfect Cover BB Cream” by Missha M would be the best for me – finally I used it well a long time and was really totally satisfied with it.

In the photo you can see the first dilemma:

My skin tone is approximately NC5 10 for MAC (in winter “Alabaster” by Bobbi Brown, in the summer about “Porcelain”, where the tone is yellow to me – why I landed also looking for an alternative for the BB cream). So you would think that the Missha BB cream suits M. Next to it is the BB cream in ‘Light’ (no color coding and/or name?) by Garnier clearly too obscure, the Prep + Prime BB cream from MAC to slightly reddish.

The first impression remains grossly blurs the BB cream – especially what of Garnier’s. Blinded with your fingers the first suspicions confirmed: Missha M fits super, Garnier is still evident to dark and MAC seems to be still too reddish.

Now to the individual BB creams – to apply I use the beauty Blender, which had found no use forever with me (I have two of them since last June) by the way. Only with the BB cream I’ve found it for me and he replaced the → F80 Sigma currently my favorite brush,.

I slightly moist at the beauty Blender – this I take thermal water spray of Avène (I got there so a little 50 ml Sprühfläschchen, that is good for it and I like thermal water on my skin). The desired amount of BB cream comes on the back of the hand and tupfe with the damp beauty blender and verblende I the then cream on the skin. The result is super so – no stains, no stripes, no flaws.

Missha M perfect cover BB cream in “13 bright beige”

My first result is that with the Missha M perfect cover BB cream in color “Bright Beige”, which – as far as I know – brightest tone that you can buy. The BB cream comes from Korea and is available for converted approximately around 12,-€ (for 50 ml) example at eBay (but from abroad – Korea, why would a PayPal account by advantage). By the way, she has also a SPF – SPF 42 even a fairly high. You must be so worry about premature skin ageing by Sun. I find good.

To the BB cream in itself: the texture is the most liquid of all three. The tube has a pump dispenser, you can dispense with the quite well, I need for my full face of about one and a half pump shock. The scent is quite enjoyable, easy and non-intrusive (it disappears fairly quickly). Feels on the skin is pleasantly cooling and slightly the cream on.

You can see my skin image links on the photos – I’m wearing only my face cream (Day cream SPF 15 by Restylane), a little mascara (Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen sexy blacks) and have already tightened my eyebrows so I look not quite like a zombie.
My problem areas on your face are the Augen(-Ringe) and the reddened cheeks clearly. Everything else is okay as far as, the shine comes from the cream.

On the second picture you can see that the cream brightens considerably – with her also the dark circles disappear almost entirely, the reddened cheeks are covered 100% and overall complexion looks balanced and even. But I shine still.

Right then the finished makeup (all images the same!) with concealer (Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in “Porcelain”), powder (Chanel Poudre Libre universal in “Clair”), Rouge (“CORALista” of benefit) and Lipstick (Chanel Rouge Coco shine in the color of “Boy”). The concealer does its part, to cover the remaining eye shadow that matte finish powder, the Rouge provides the big picture makes completely for freshness and the lipstick. I think it doesn’t look bad, or?

However I notice now: after I’ve worn all three BB creams, it is probably slightly too bright me (Yes slightly pantomime looks…) – so probably more something for the winter. This have I me the cream set as “Sommerfoundation”… In real it not quite so strongly is striking as in the photos (the Flash makes the whole thing due to the reflection of course again brighter), but in hindsight, I now know that a different BB cream color much better fits! I think you know where this is going.

Garnier Skin Perfector daily all-in-one. B.B. cream in ‘Light’ miracle

The miracle Skin Perfector daily all-in-one B.B.. cream of Garnier is since August – in two tones, dark and light. I assume that I have the lighter shade–but you can call him only limited light. The sound is not because really bright, probably only next to the darker shade (where I don’t want to imagine how dark he then is better for darker skin types, then – however ne?).
For me personally, the sound is slightly too dark, even if he adapts relatively well when veneering. Cost: it costs about €10 for 50 ml.

To the BB cream in itself: the texture is much more resistant than the other two, recalls – also the nose technically (and, even more perfumed) – on thick Sun block. The scent I like best of all three. The texture melts on your skin and feels well here again easily. You need somewhat more product for whole face, about two pea-sized BLOBs (a large hazelnut BLOB is almost too much).

Links back to the initial screen.

On the Middle photo , you can see well, how much cream sounds – my complexion looks considerably darker. In comparison to the neckline, it fits quite well, on the photos in real but realizes that the face is dark even though it looks rather only the “trained eye”. It is of course negative myself while my environment has not noticed the colour “error” (except when you drew them on it). Still seen here that the eyes and cheeks are covered so far, very good.

Right then again fully melted. Here, too, Concealer was necessary to make the remaining shadows disappear again. In the scheme of things the darker tint now hardly noticeable – the tone is still only minimal dark and therefore for me as “Sommerfoundation” as far as okay.

The BB cream, but had a drawback: I’ve worn it in very warm weather and more sweat – it is me the whole cream run. It should not be so. Again be disabled – this makes them as “Sommerfoundation” because what good is me a “very acceptable” shade, if it runs then yet again? Thus the BB cream for me is failed rather – not exactly fit and runs. Bad drum.

Unfortunately I of this cream no content material information because I got made them without packaging available.
Who has interest in, should look at just before the box with the ingredients before purchasing. I hope I can still wear to…

The most the BB cream from MAC convinceshas me of course – you out read that’s sure -. Bad for the wallet – I admit it. Too bad that there again somehow needs a price Extrawurst MAC and sells less product for considerably more money than the other BB cream provider. Nevertheless, it provides the most convincing result – I was so far never been satisfied with my (made-up) complexion and can only say that I will definitely buy it after. I hope only that color fit also in winter (if not, I’m staying the with “Alabaster” by Bobbi Brown in the form “natural finish long lasting foundation”)-then I would have found my personal “Lieblingsfoundation”.
I also very much hope that MAC recognizes that it is not smart to sell the part only online – it would be too bad if some one missed this great result, just because you can not test the BB cream.

I recommend basically as much as the Mac – but very light skin types (there are but I but nothing can tell even darker shades, including) • The Missha M BB cream – it is at least as great as that of MAC, not quite so perfectly fit but just color me
• The BB cream from Garnier I recommend only conditionally, namely those that are darker than I am, or who want a slightly tanned complexion and those who have no problems with sweating, the cream of to the seeping effect could result in
• The BB cream from MAC I recommend where a so bright skin as I have – as they looked at darker (so much darker!) Skin behaves, I can not say unfortunately but noticed that she well adapted. Also I highly recommend it to those who want a really nice complexion, because it creates this BB cream.

If any questions are open, is going to quiet! 🙂

I hope the post was helpful for those who have not really had dealt with the topic of “BB Cream” and those who were still undecided, which for now can be. Really I can not make the decision for you, because they are all three well. In the case of doubt and “in dubio a money bag” I would last but not least recommend M by Missha, because of the larger color selection. Who has the money and wants to invest in a perfect result for the MAC is what (I’m afraid but, without probably unfortunately – hopefully only for the time being! – dark skin types).

Long post, I’m now closing.
Like I said – if you have any questions, you can ask like me and I try to answer them.