Beautiful Lingerie is Not Lost

Lingerie is never enough, it could be the motto of our fashionable women, ladies and girls. Each to his liking. Some likes women more cuts, someone wearing knickers, but most especially young people prefer to cut thong panties. They also according to the latest surveys of the public like most men. They appreciate especially the black color in combination with red lace panties materials and just tangového cut. Do not refuse silk underwear on his beloved and surprising them, ladies, love and white color that is just right behind the black. So romance is still alive!

You went to the store for a new piece, and nothing not to like? That can happen. But not with us. The lingerie that we can. We’ll help you pick out what you like and what you want to wear. Bras, which will highlight Your individual charm, it is exactly after what every woman desires. Beautiful lingerie , from which you choose and Ty, whether you need a bra seamless for everyday wear or luxurious for an evening party or on a date.
If you want to please your partner, we have something for him. Men’s underwear is obviously an essential part of every masculine wardrobes. So do not hesitate and shopping. Manorial lingerie from us, nothing beats a man to love him.

So how do you choose the right cut, color and briefs, we liked? Each of us has a different character to watch. We must therefore adapt our selection. Additionally, men see through clothing so you have to choose such pieces to those suited, even when you’re dressed. J The artificial materials straight forget, neither healthy nor pretty. Artificial materials such as polyester often cause skin irritation and various mycoses. The best are one hundred percent natural materials like silk or cotton. Good is also seamless underwear as not press anywhere, naturally snugly against your character does and there was no extra folds. Leg loops are also in, if you have long, slender legs. Thongs you can afford to miss again, which is pretty hard buttocks.

Men’s underwear HERE

But now we say something from the other side. What likes and dislikes women in the men’s underwear? What’s in? And what men should rather forget?
First of all there is the problem of the briefs. Those have really gone forever. Are unhealthy, stretch and still are by girls totally asexual. Women like on men boxers. Neither shorts but we do not mind, on the contrary. So free rein there would certainly be. Gentlemen, you also beware of material quality, which varies from store to store. Keep in mind a cut that fits you and color to your liking, or whichever partner likes. Now, in the course almost all colors, experiment and do not worry. Mainly no gray! Neither in life nor in his pants!