Beautiful Plus Size Bikini

You don’t have to do a 36 to be stylish on the beach. The evidence with our large selection of swimwear size that will make you want to escape.

If the swimsuit event is often a challenge for all women, she can take airs of obstacle course when we pass the fateful 44. It is difficult to find a swimsuit that fits our size and silhouette while respecting a minimum the canons of aesthetics, not to say fashion of the season. Everything happens eventually as if trends were reserved to twigs and other power Gisele Bundchen .

Fort Fortunately, times are changing and more and more brands try to rectify the situation by offering great as chic and practical size swimsuits, their cuts applying to highlight our morphology. Overview of the forms preferred.

  • Bikinis Big Size

Is not because we do a 48 that we don’t have the right to stand in a bikini. The secret? A bottom of swimsuit high size that covers the bottom of the belly… and buttocks. We especially like models draped effects which give a couture look to our swimsuit.

  • Great Tankinis Size

New mode: tankinis, the real trend in swimwear large size. And for cause, these outfits of bath of a new kind usually consist of a simple pair of panties and a top that has the merit of cover the belly while subtlety. Ideal for women yet a little complexed.

  • Swimwear One Piece Large Size

Considered essential by the voluptuous women, swimsuit one piece can be just as sexy as a bikini. Asymmetric, cleavage or Openwork, he now dons mode details that make it a highly desirable piece.