Behati Prinsloo Interview about Adam Levine

South African supermodel Behati Prinsloo, partner Adam Levine, Maroon 5 frontman, it reveals exclusively for Cosmo.
What is, in your opinion, the most correct definition of beauty?
In my opinion it does not fit with the physical appearance of a person, but her inner beauty, I like people who have respect for others. A beautiful person so it’s good and generous with feelings. These three factors for me to make a real beauty.

What made ​​you stronger?
When I was very young at the casting: before me there were people who commented on my appearance, my hair and my look. And I thought: “Hey, but I stand before you, a little ‘please kindness!”

What part of your body do you prefer?
It is a difficult question. But I love my legs. The DNA is to my dad who is really high.

Your first beauty gesture in the morning?
Rule number one: remove make-up before going to sleep! Then my beauty routine morning is very simple because I wash my face again and then put the moisturizer, a toner and sunblock inevitable, I have very sensitive skin and for me to filter the UV rays is a must not to burn myself . Then you know it depends on where I am, for example, when traveling by plane repeatedly hydrate my skin.

Who are your favorite products?
I really like the La Mer cream, use a lot of spray to Water Rose Robert’s then love the Burt’s Bees lip balm with honey and mint (I also utiizzo on the eyelids for deflated).

Never run out …
always traveling with my Rose water or thermal water spray in order to stay hydrated several times during the day.

What does your cosmetic bag?
I can not help but Baby Lips Maybelline New York. Always using the tonic, then the moisturizer La Mer booster. Anyway I love wandering in American drugstores. When I’m here I buy everything. I’m crazy for low cost products!

Your look every day?
I would say a very simple style. I really little makeup, and I like to wear jeans, a T-shirt, my booties or, in very exceptional cases, put the dizzy heels.

Give me your eyes … what do you do to capture the attention?
Oh, but it’s not really my style attract attention. I never go out with that goal. Anyway, I’d look in a sexy dress, as on the red carpet at the Oscars. Perhaps in that case I catalizzerei attention.

Your secret during filming, or before a? Shooting
Before shooting using an oxygen mask, then I also discovered a fabric mask soaked in hyaluronic acid.It’s great: in a few minutes I have the superidratata skin!

And your favorite fashion brand …
Surely Desigual. It is a colorful fashion: I love the prints
and contrasts. The really I find a nice collection and, at the end, I always buy something. Then recently I also bought a pair of Alexander Wang couture jeans. They are beautiful, all Cosmogirl dovebbero owning at least one pair in the closet. Sexyssimi.