Bershka Sport Collection

Even Bershka combines with the general celebration of the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games and after the many tributes made ​​in the past to the Stars and stripes American, reasons that it has become a real must-have in the last period, here is the tribute brand to the iconic Union Jack English. It is not the first brand to letting himself be inspired by the event, by Jimmy Choo with its line of accessories, the new dancers Pretty Ballerinas of Waterproof Textile Collection line, it seems that the Olympics have become very fashion inspiring reason in the last period. The brand Discount luxury choose to think t-shirts, skirts, shorts and bags with this beautiful fantasy, let us examine them in detail.

The Line t-shirts, tops and tank tops is very beautiful and varied. As you can see in our photo gallery and on the official website of, the choice is between a low-cut white tank top with print of the flag and a girl a bit ‘far from the British style in effect, a round-neck t-shirt with the Union Jack on background and the words “Love me or leave me at London” (at the price of EUR 12.99 on the official website), even in darker tones, and even the top model with a flag motif in a heart shape and the word London in the middle. It concludes the line short-sleeved t-shirt with the more masculine cut and the words “Never enough London fever”.A fabulous online!

Bershka, skirts and shorts

If we actually think of making a trip to London during the Olympics in July, then you should aim for a complete look.

Bershka in fact goes to his t-shirt even the lower parts: infatto speak of shorts beach lightweight fabric inspired by a casual mood, with fancy flag on one side and the other in dark blue and a beautiful skirt attached with the legendary flag, to be worn with matching vests or other accessories.

Bershka, bags

Conclude the then line the beautiful shopper. Series, if you do not like to be too flashy in clothing but do not want to even give up a glamorous accessory, then it’s a bag! Bershka think shopper patterns in cotton, the first off-white flag with the press, the second most chic in black with coated printing shiny rhinestones and studs. In short, a line not to be missed.

In our photo gallery you can see better all models in the new line Bershka dedicated to the event of the year, which of you will buy items? One or all?