Best Jacket for Body Shape

Fashion and trends change constantly, but one thing is certain, the jacket is one of the items of clothing that cannot miss in your closet because it never goes out of fashion.

The outfit for the office, the ideal combination for an evening with friends, here’s valuable advice to always wear the right jacket valuing their figure.

The right jacket for those with pronounced hips

What we believe to be a defect can become even a selling point if exploited properly. For physicists characterized by hips, jacket should cover half the side and be close to life.

Yes: long jacket, light colors, belted waist.

No: short jacket, heavy fabrics.

The right jacket for those who have a breast important

In this case, we must enhance the bottom of silhouette creating a look that jumps the upper body. Ideal in this case is a jacket from straight model or with a rubber band to enhance the waist.

Yes: short jacket, dark colors, belted waist 1950s model.

No: long jacket below the waist, double-breasted jacket.

The right jacket for those who don’t have a life point outlined

The advice for those who don’t have a life point outlined is to wear a cropped jacket or three quarters to create movement and break the figure.

It: cropped jacket or narrow waist, floral prints and geometric prints.

No: long jacket, dark colors.

The right jacket for anyone who has a physical fifties

For those with breasts and hips with one life point well accentuated, the advice is to wear a jacket is not too short. Try to prefer a jacket that arrivals until at least also and that is narrow at the waist.

You: coat with waist belt.

No: double-breasted jacket, padded shoulders.

The right jacket for those who do not have a flat stomach

For those without a belly carved don’t panic, just choose a jacket that has vertical seams that enhance the figure, shunning the belts.

You: short jacket, geometric patterns.

No. double-breasted jacket, elastic waist.