Best Lures for Freshwater Fishing

The freshwater fish represent almost the other side of the fish family, but they are still edible, though less tasty. They can be found in smoke, lakes, streams or streams, in short, in any body of water resulting from the melting of glaciers or from rainwater, and then streams with a salinity less. However plenty of fresh-water fish, such as carp, trout, pike and many others. However, in order to enjoy these fish you have to use special bait also vary depending on the type of fish that we are seeking. Today I’m going to show you the best baits for freshwater fish.

Artificial Lures

There are many types of artificial baits (click here), and are used to catch all sorts of fish, including the freshwater fish. The purpose of the lure is to try and imitate characteristics and movements of a fish, so as to attract prey. They vary depending on the type of fish you are hunting, and you must choose the bait depending on the type of prey fish than usual he’s getting into.

Live bait

Live bait are those most commonly used, they vary depending on the fish you are hunting, and depending on the place where you are fishing. If you have some live bait you have to recreate a small habitat in order to keep them alive. The fish are attracted to these baits for their thrashing in the water, so you should keep it alive as long as possible. There are many types, such as worms, bait used very commonly for freshwater fish.

Salmon roe

Salmon egg is a particular bait that makes a difference, but only if used well. In the ponds can be used in tandem with the grub, and is a good lure in winter and during the spring and autumn, during the summer does not produce good results. In streams instead is essential to take tough fish. It is obviously a good lure for freshwater fish.


Corn is a good lure to attract carp and tench. It is also a corn suitable for fishing and is not edible for humans. Always have different types of corn when you go fishing, because according to the color and smell will attract prey toward our bait, such as strawberry maize, which is very useful for hunting carp. Also you have to choose very substantial maize so that they can be easier to trigger without letting you off the hook.

Bread crumb

The bread is a bait that is used in a variety of ways. Can be used to create pasture, bread, mixed with other ingredients, creates a groundbait very soft and compact, attract chub. It can be triggered directly “bread” braid, the bread most commonly used for fishing, it has to be done in order to make them wet at all, and must be prepared so that we can resist.


Cheese is a bait that is primarily used to create pasture, is often mixed with bread or with garlic, in order to create a dough very fragrant. For these very special, it is recommended to insert a small pasture spring in love, so that we can increase the estate to launch.