Best Makeup for Allergy Prone Skin

This for you is a “dark period” you have allergies to grass and pollen . You perpetually runny nose and nasal congestion makes you talk like Fat Grandma Duck. Without speaking devastated aspect with red nose, swollen like a bagpipe over his face and his eyes watery you

This for you is a “dark period” you suffer from allergies to grasses, pollen and all that makes you sneeze like crazy, you perpetually runny nose and nasal congestion makes you talk like Fat Grandma Duck. Without speaking aspect ravaged with red nose, swollen like a bagpipe on the face and eyes that I have tears.

Antihistamines apart, there you straight to restructured and address the office, happy hour and dinner in the form, if not brilliant, but at least decent. 

We start from the problem and confront him with your cosmetic bag:

Itchy eyes and watery eyes: light go with make-up. Do not forget to blend around the eyes pre-makeup base, it helps you fix and pencil eye shadow that will resist rubbing and involuntary tears. Avoid mascara, if you really do not see no, passane one waterproof only on the upper lash tips. Please choose one for eye shadow in cream-gel, it leaves a Thracian stronger and can “touch up” with the fingertips. No absolute in kohl pencil in the eye and internal rhyme. Nor eyeliner: the copy and paste effect is lurking.

Puffiness & dark circles bluish

To deflate instantaneously eyes without irritating them, apply on the eyelids squeeze two sachets of green tea in hot water and then put in the fridge to rest the night before. Keep them on for at least five minutes with your eyes closed. To camouflage the blue signs using a correction fluid to be mixed to a foundation no transference. The color should be apricot, that erases the blue color contrast. Fast mixes on the back of the hand and fades with a brush cat’s tongue only on the groove, then pat with fingertips and “fixed” everything with a thermal water spray.

Sneezing nose

Swollen and red nose is not a great appeal for the day, so the best vasoconstrictor to lighten the skin and make it less visible irritation is the eye drops: a few drops around the nostrils and at the base of the nose work perfectly. Now applies a highly emollient cream, we worship Eight Hour Elizabeth Arden or Herbal Energy Lotion Mist Edition, on sale from Sephora. As a base, try a foundation cushion, the special sponge transfers the foundation directly on the skin, as well as modulate the coverage, you can touch up as and when you want the base, anywhere. A straight? fresh and moisturizing: Encre de Peau Cushion of Yves Saint Laurent. 

Puffy face

Resolve the situation as did the Hollywood stars after a seratona containing alcohol and around. When they woke up swollen filled the sink with cold water and a few ice cubes, then plunged in apnea for a few seconds, repeating the dive. Instead of the usual cream hydrant testing a product that clears the swellings as TL Advanced Lifting Cream TM of Strivectin  helps to reshape the facial contours immediately for a long-lasting effect. It does not contain perfume that irritates you ulteriano.

Additionally keep in mind these tips:

– Do not hang laundry outside, the pollen can stick to sheets and towels.

– Always put the air conditioning in the house and car.

– Use hypoallergenic filters in the ventilation system.

– Avoid that indoor air can dry out by purchasing a small humidifier.

– Clean the floors with a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter with high efficiency against airborne particles. Coating mattresses and use of covers for allergy-proof pillows.

– Wash sheets and blankets with water to at least 50 °C.

– Remove carpets and rugs.

– If you have carpet, and do not intend to change it with a wooden or a vaporizzala laminated with a spray purifying anti mites and antiallergeni.