Best Pants for Body Type

Cutting cigarette, wide or skinny? Size high or low? There are (almost) as many cuts as morphos. Our guide to find the model that will put your forms in value.

Find THE perfect pants is not an easy task! Too long, too wide, or badly cut… it takes patience to find the rare Pearl. The perfect pair, is the one that puts our forms in values: the size is refined, the buttocks are shapely, thighs well drawn… To make the right choice, dentistrymyth advises you look at your silhouette: this is the only way to choose the ideal cuts.

If you are small (less than 1.65 m) and slim
Pants that put your forms in value are the cut close to the body. Therefore fall for a slim or skinny pants. In the summer, opt for a 7/8th model that falls to the ankles. You find that your buttocks are not forms? Try a pants cut carrot, you’ll be seduced. And don’t forget to always choose a style with pockets in the back: it is ideal to give volume.
Regardless of the model, you have the choice: high or low, it is as you prefer. Finally, colours, bet on light colours : they give a bit more thickness to the silhouette. Lucky you are also entitled to the reasons. The must have of the moment? Ethnic forms.
How to wear? A top near the body, a short jacket and the turn is played. To start your figure andhighlight your legs, nothing better than heels. So bet on heels between 5 and 8 cm, at the end of the round.

If you are small (less than 1.65 m) with generous curves
The best? Choose cut cigarette pants (straight cut), or even a slim. Choose a model to medium sized (2-3 cm below the navel) or right high waist. Thus, the belly and love handles are removed.
Always prefer a simple model, to flat pockets, long (7/8th forms better your figure), United and dark color to refine all.
How to wear? One golden rule: balance the silhouette ! Since the bottom is near the body, opt for atop wide and long, falling just below the buttocks. A tunic is ideal to hide curves. At your feet, a pair of shoes allows to extend the set.

If you are large (more than 1 m 65) and thin
You have a crazy chance! All the models you will… with the exception of the skinny that highlights your slender side. In short, you are spoilt for choice, and the icing on the cake, you can afford all the fantasies : short cuts, patterns, colors. To avoid accentuate the effect of greatness, however prefer alow waist pants. If you want to give a bit of the entire volume, wide pants or bootcut is ideal.
How to wear? To break the lanky effect, wear pants with a V-neck t-shirt, which falls on the hips.Return it to the front to reveal a nice belt. For a more chic effect, a short slim fit shirt is a must have. At your feet, a pair of ballerinas is ideal. Do you like heels? In this case, choose a low model: not more than 5 cm.

If you are large (more than 1 m 65) with shapes
Spotlight on the straight cut pants ! Cotton, linen, denim… we love this cup that balances the silhouette, especially if it is high. Bye bye love you handles the Nice flat belly!
How to wear? Féminisez the whole with a fitted shirt or V-neck t-shirt to the chest. Complete with a long jacket or blazer. Play with accessories : jewelry, stole, handbag. At your feet, a pair of Ballet flats or small heels… and you’re ready!