Beyerdynamic Byron BT-Quality Wireless Sound [Test]

It is nice looking, functional and plays long. Beyerdynamics Byron BT headset delivers the item.

Beyerdynamic rhymes with German electro-mechanics-and it is no coincidence, for the company have soon 100 year anniversary in the production of headphones, microphones and other lydfølsom mechanics.

The company’s latest creation is Byron-series-a trio of headsets in three price levels: Byron is a regular wired headset, wireless and BT is Byron Byron BTA is both wireless and has a more advanced audio processing for, among other things, lossless audio.

Today’s test subject is Byron BT, as price cost exactly double that of its wired counterpart and half by the more ambitious Byron BTA.

Specifications Beyerdynamic Byron BT

Type: Closed, in-ear
Weight: 13 grams
Performance: 10-23,000 Hz response, 90 dB SPL
Battery: 7 ½ hours, 2 hours of micro-USB charging
Cable length: 56 cm
Colors: dark grey
Bluetooth: 4.1 with aptX
Moreover: Boost and microphone
Accessories: øretipper in four sizes, detachable wings, carry bag, micro-USB cable
Price: around 800 dollars


The appearance is best described as being civilized. It is pretty, practical and well screwed together – perfect for everything from home to the Office, but without much fuss. It is seriously it here.

Byron BT consists of two earplugs in strong light-weight metal joined together by a 56 cm long cable fell.

Between the two is a remote control with an entrance to a micro-USB headset that lets up on barely two hours. The headset is not waterproof, but the barn door is sealed by a small door, so a simple rain shower should not scare it.

The remote control works on classical show. The two additional buttons stands for, respectively, volume up/down and forward/backward by a long press. The Center stands in Exchange for pairing, power on/off and break.

Other details indicate that Byron BT is well-thought-out. The two devices can attach itself magnetic, so the headset can be worn as a necklace instead of having to be stowed out of the way.
Each øretipper comes in four sizes, and should it not be sitting optimally, you can add a wing, which get hear plugs to sit firmly in the ears. It requires a little lirken, but Byron can therefore be planted firmly in your ears.

Connection as usual

Connection takes place again on classic show. You must a trip past your device’s settings and select Byron headset to. NFC is unfortunately omitted, so unfortunately there is no shortcut to shoot there.

The actual connection is safe and meets the promised 10 meter range – even if there should emerge a few husmure between Byron BT and mobile.

Bluetooth 4.1 ensures at the same time that it uses minimal power when it is standby.


Good tones

Beyerdynamic is lydspecialister – and it is an excellent proof of the Byron BT.

The overall balance between the disciplined auditive impressions and pleasant. AptX technology ensures at the same time, the sound from your mobile is transferred without loss.

Especially the upper register impresses, everything from violinkvarteter to the hot-tempered high hats appear detail rich and we feel that the sound surrounds a.

Bass and big drums is also velrepræsenterede, but that may not be quite as deeply tied up, as in a larger Hi-Fi headset – but in spite of a somewhat boomy sound from time to time, will it ever be happy most.
All in all, delivers a listening experience as one BT Byron rarely find under one thousand dollars – and it does so while wirelessly.

Not only that, so featuring Byron BT on harmony for many hours: good 7 hours it becomes – roughly 50% more than what competitors typically offers.

It would have been perfect, but Beyerdynamic behave mysteriously when the tank is approaching zero.When there is approximately a quarter of an hour again comes first on that idea soon is empty. It is a little late, and it doesn’t get any better by the fact that every two minutes is ticking a reprompt for is that it should be left up.

Safe case

It is a pleasing to the ear’s and stylish package, Beyerdynamic has gotten screwed together in Byron BT. played well and played for a long time. I’m a fan.

Byron BT has completely mastered the basics, but could well intrude to nip a few here and there, for example, behaves itself. decidedly strange when the battery is almost exhausted. An NFC chip for mating, as well as support of Siri and Google Now had also not been out of the way.

But Byron BT have mastered it that counts, and the price is reasonable. It will be therefore to fully deserved five stars.