Bike LED Lights Review

Dinamo most efficient are important and decisive but, without adequate lights to improved efficiency, would be useless. In this area there has been a revolution due to the constant evolution of the LED. Previously only used to flashing lights and now even to light. The main features that enhance this product are the following:

    • Operating from 10,000 to 50,000 hours lifetime
    • High efficiency (compared to conventional lights).
    • Installation flexibility
    • Secure it operates at low voltage
    • Cold Start (up to -40 ° C without problems)
    • Insensitive to moisture and vibrations
    • Duration is not affected by the number of ignitions and shutdowns

It is the characteristics of a lamp made ​​to measure for any use in cycling. We arrived well in lamps that have values ​​of more than 80 lux as the lamp Edelux pictured. Lux is a value that indicates the illuminance. I am owner of this lamp for three years and was the first accessory, together with the dynamo, which I mounted on my bike. This is very much appreciated in complete darkness. The light beam is longer and brightens up. It has a switch that turns on the light when you enter a tunnel and off when you exit (useful in places where the tunnels are followed as in the cycle of the Brembana Valley, for example). It remains on an additional 5 minutes after the bike stopped. It is wired and you can insert the wire to another lamp. In Germany it is prohibited in the city. It is not a joke: the brigade of Ponte S. Pietro I stopped and said: “we do not know how to tell him but she has the high beams on.” It has resulted in a laugh but they had caught. I wanted to tell this episode to understand empirically what it means to have a lamp with 80 lux. The Lux are not always all in shooting, also depends on how fast you go. And here comes the close relationship between the efficiency of the dynamo and the lamp. With my economic dynamo from 64 euro for 80 lux have to go to 15 per hour, with the Son takes 5 per hour, more or less.

This kind of plant with dynamo tire lights and bike safety lighting is absolutely necessary for those traveling by bike, you do not want to have the problem of finding or recharge batteries around somewhere. For those who use the bike every day is a need for traffic safety. Because in addition to see well it is important that we see well even others that we are meeting and if the light gives them a little annoyance, so much the better.

In this photo above we see the last lamp sigma that is sold by declaring 900 lumens which is another way of measuring the light and refers to the luminous flux. I believe that putting even among the selection criteria of the bicycle lighting system is now a choice of essential common sense. I guarantee they do more light of a wasp lighthouse that is connected to a battery… tried!


It is obvious to everyone that the battery can not have the same power of a dynamo light. In addition, the maximum power possesses at first but then you download slowly. But with a rechargeable battery headlights, as with a mobile phone, now you reach 70 lux. Also it can be modulated so that, in the towns where visibility is, only serves as a warning, and the battery drains very slowly. Here too, the LED technology enables maximum energy efficiency and low power consumption. Here is a bell example of efficiency on the part of this lamp with rechargeable built-in battery handlebar. The company is the TRELOCK.

The display on the back of the lamp indicates the battery consumption but allows to modulate the intensity of light and thus increase the number of hours of available energy. If I want 70 lux and be floodlit I will have six hours of available energy, whether they are in town 10 lux are enough for me to get me noticed by others, and so the availability of the battery rises to 45 hours. Illustrate only one of the most powerful and intelligent headlights that can be considered or not as a choice, however, is properly taken into account as a criterion for the selection and also as a comparison. Cancel the typical risk of running out of battery suddenly, having the display that gives it the charge status. They are maybe small things, but they make the difference when it is safe.

Tail lights instead the battery whatever it is lasts much longer because the flashing LED, with the gem that multiplies the intensity, definitely consumes very little and even here there are different types. The same company produces LS 320 with a small display to check the battery level.

The intention, ultraripeto me, is not to make a with Quinn in this company, but it is to hire such a criterion: in fact, see the battery status is critical to avoid surprises in the night.