Bike Saddle Acronyms

Choosing a saddle is one of the most personal decisions (and complicated) which we will face as cyclists. It is normal to not hit the first, either by the shape, the surface on which it is made or simply the size of the same.

Each brand has devised focused systems to increase comfort, alleviate discomfort and reduce weight, technologies that the case of the saddles Prologo have acquired nameswhich are almost trademarks.

This has made to choose a seat foreword turns almost into a hieroglyph, you must decipher acronyms which, a priori, tells you nothing. In this article we will explain what these acronyms and How to make the decision to buy a saddle prologue depending on our needs.

Bike Saddle Acronyms

Surface Of The Saddles Prologo

Depending on our support on the top of the saddle and our need to have a space in the area of prostate, we will need one or more of these technologies:


A smooth, even surface without changes of grip. What is usual in a saddle. Where in the name of the saddle does not appear any acronym that follow, will mean that it is “Regular”.


The acronym CPC correspond to Connect Power Control, this is the name given to the system of rough surface and adherent covering some of the saddles Prologo.

It is located in key areas to absorb impacts, maintaining the position of the rider and ensure the grip to the saddle in all weather conditions. Materials come from the military industry and Formula 1, used for high-performance gloves and seats.


The acronym PAS allude to Perineal Area System, simply it is the way you need prologue identify the saddles “antiprostaticos” intended to mitigate the discomfort, pain or adormeciemiento of the perineal area, which directly affects the prostate.

Depending on the model the PAS area will be located later or further back, in line with the position to be adopted on the saddle.

Cpc + Pas

To join the two previous systems Gets a saddle designed to accommodate accurately our bones, muscles and soft tissues in the position more optimal, painless and efficient in order to pedaling over long distances.

Bike Saddle Acronyms 1

Form Of The Saddles Prologo

Choose a form of a saddle or other support will largely depend on our experience with other saddles and the knowledge that we have of our support in them. The shape of the saddles Prologo is what determines the name of the model.


Flat refers to the surface of the saddle on our back.

The type Flat saddles of prologue (Zero degrees and T Gale) have a surface flat, so most of the weight will fall on our bones (hip bones). This may be more comfortable for some and even painful for others, depending on the muscle or tissue that surrounds this part of our skeleton.


The Semi-rounds of Prologo saddles are the balance between the flat support described above and a round seat.

This type of design corresponds to the model Nago Evo and the weight distributed evenly between the whole of our body contact with the saddle. Es the shape of most common saddle in the Prologo range.


The round shape of Prologo saddles are specifically designed for road cycling.

Scratch 2 model is that corresponds to this form, forming a support much more focused in the central area, ideal for those people whose support in the bones to be annoying.

Bike Saddle Acronyms 2

Housing Of The Saddles Prologo

The choice of a material or other in the housing will determine hand weight set and on the other the rigidity or flexibility of the whole, something important when it comes to balancing performance and comfort.

C3 Charcoal Compost Compound

Bumper case range of prologue is made 100% carbon in mesh. This offers maximum lightness (saddles below 149 grams), as well as resistance to deformation and stability.

Monocoque Carbon Fibre Injection

A step below found this injection of carbon monoblock housing. It maintains a considerable lightness being surprisingly stable due to its construction,

Carbon Fibre Injection

A Nylon base with injection of carbon that reaches 18% of the total, giving of the resistance, lightness and rigidity suitable.


The Standard base of any saddle of medium range, moderate weight and tested resistance.

Bike Saddle Acronyms 3

Rails Of The Saddles Prologo

The rails of the saddle are the union between this and the rest of the bike, this make them a key part when it comes to cushioning imperfections of the land and make more comfortable the circular, also have an important role in the sum of the total weight.


Fibers of nano-carbon, carbon, kevalr and aluminum in the area’s connection with the seatpost clamp. A combination that combines lightness, strength, flexibility and stability and strength like no other.


Rails of a light alloy steel traction and torsion which is used in the aerospace industry. Save abalance between weight and durability.


A rail made in chrome, ssimple, durable and resistant that will not leave you pulled.

Bike Saddle Acronyms 4

Which Do I Prefer?

The decision at the time of buy a saddle prologue will be based on your needs, If you are constantly moving up the saddle may want you one that incorporates the CPC technology to retain your position, in the same way that If you suffer from numbness or pain in the perineal area we recommend that you try one with PAS system.

On the way, as we have pointed out, will depend on much of your previous experiences, analyzes those saddles that you’ve used in the past to determine which form is which better conforms to your anatomy.

Finally, the decision with respect to the materials is simple, If you want lightness you will have to pay an extra, if this is not a concern, with a baja-intermedia range will be able to enjoy the same way.