Bikini Trend Summer 2015

As the topic of the moment are the trends for the summer season, holiday season and, consequently, on the beach, so we can’t stop talking about a vital piece-the bikini. The suits also participate of the evolutions of fashion every summer, so I can’t stay out of the news.

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By analyzing the pieces on the runway in the main Brazilian fashion week, we can say that the summer will be very diverse, allowing all styles and tastes have time on and around the pools this season. We can start talking about a resumption of fashion that caught a lot of attention, recalling the trends used in the year 80, is the return of bikini trough.
That’s right, if you remembered the models hang gliding, all right, it’s no big deal, but the dig at the bottom of the bikinis went up enough and should turn a fever again on the beaches. The parts appear with the highest pile, however, to balance this visual, the waist is also up, causing the pieces would be bigger.

By the way, remember the trend that gained full force on the catwalks this time the hot pants. Here in Brazil it is still not very good, since the Brazilian fans are the tiny bikini, such as dental floss, but for those who like to feel more comfortable, the hot pants is a great option. The model is a bottom a big girl and with high waist going up to the navel, generally. To complete the look retro, Valley combine with strapless or demitasse with wider straps on the shoulders.

And the strapless, quoted above to match the hot pants, also keeps your preference also in other productions. The top model can be used with the traditional medium side thongs. In addition, the strapless is also one of the types of necklines are used in swimsuits, which are among the most desirable parts of the summer.

Yes, the swimsuits, which before were not very successful around here, now beginning to gain more prominence and acceptance by the Brazilian women. Nowadays there are many modern modeloss such as versions with cutouts, strapless, deep necklines in front or behind, among other options. They are also great to combine with long skirts off the beach because the bodys, which sometimes are super high.