Birkenstock Sandal Styles

A very controversial trend in the fashion world-Birkenstock. Many people associate with boring models and do not feel up to date. But quite the opposite: these shoes are exactly the trend this year! The Birkenstock sandal has developed further and offers not only comfort but also an absolute it-piece.


Birkenstock was already invented in 1896 with the first flexible insert footbed. Sixty years later, in the beginning of the 1960s, the final shoe was designed – the Birkenstock sandal. The label, which is based in Neustadt (Rhineland-Palatinate), makes profit through the sale in over 80 countries and employs around 2000 employees worldwide.

Already in the 70s Birkenstock reached a cult status in the alternative and environmental movement and was also extremely popular with doctors and nurses as a comfortable working shoe. Internationally, the sandal was only known by the German holidaymakers, which can also be seen as a fashionable no-go in combination with white tennissocks. The first catwalk appearance followed in the 90s by the designer Marc Jacobs.


The Birkenstock models have always been known for the high level of comfort they offer their customers. Due to the knowledge of the shoe trade for generations, the label can guarantee the highest quality and best workmanship. Only the best raw materials, such as cork, latex and jute, are used for the original Birkenstock footbed. The environmentally friendly production places great emphasis on water-soluble and solvent-free adhesives, as well as electricity and energy-saving techniques.

A big advantage with Birkenstock is the possibility to order special products for a small extra charge. In addition, you can also order separate insoles for differently stressed feet, which can be inserted into any shoe. No one wants to do without the unique Birkenstock comfort and foot health. Birkenstock is currently one of the leading service providers in the areas of custom-made products and repair services.


The selection of Birkenstock models is huge, ranging from sandals to slippers to clogs.Birkenstock works with great attention to detail and is very interested in the material selection and processing of the shoes. The label is presented this year with models in jeans, with graphic prints and sturdy cotton fabrics. In addition, applications such as jewelery, patterns and varnish are indispensable.

But of course the standard sandal is still “in”. You can wear the classic to the casual everyday look or even to fine clothes.

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