Black Lingeries

Lingerie simple … such a natural thing our use; so common in our day to day and who knew that underneath our clothes there is a special world entirely dedicated to them. In so many shapes, colors and fabrics … it seems that you cannot have an end; but today we will focus on that “little black dress”; that basic same, only the name has.

I respond if they can have more lingerie sexy/bold/killer/luxury/beautiful/easy to find/easy to use; a black lingerie! No. Has!! Not for nothing, but they are my favorite!! White girl I’m not short use many colors and always fall on black pq over, above all, highlighting more in my ‘whiteness’. And tell me what the man who does not like or does not surrender to the charms of a woman with a piece of these?! The combinations and models are numerous. Lace, transparencies, ruffles, satin, latex, vinyl; thong, garter belt, corset … the sky is the limit. And it seems that when you think there’s more to innovate, believe; gives!

And the data show that the darling of men, yes black lingerie! According to a survey conducted by, this is the final verdict “Black lingerie took first place in the preference of men and received 79 approvals in total. Only three people said they did not like eight replied “whatever”.

But let it go to it; the black, despite what many think about morbid things mean, cold, mourning … to know that is the color of elegance! Yes! Unconsciously when you think to impress in a job interview to a higher position, to move that air of serious and committed person; when you think about raze a party or have that special night with her boyfriend; I’m sure you think a black man; I’m right or am I not ?! Black is the color of power, of sobriety, of manliness, conveying the sense of sophistication and elegance.

I’ll let you imagination flowing in the immensity of possibilities and different occasions there is to use the various models. Since such basic day-to-day to the most daring to impress and win once any heart!
Let a few examples:

Black Lingerie 1: Will a Golden Income There?

Speaks seriously! Simple, sensual, behaved all at the same time. An excellent combination of tulle and gold lace, cannot go wrong! (And that half 7/8 there, huh? Extra effor for the look)

Black Lingerie 2: The ‘Day by Day’ Without Missing!

To go to work, to go dating, to walk around. It has more gentle, basic and sure thing together white with black, bows and ruffles?

Black Lingerie 3 “Sexy Without Being Vulgar”

No more to say! The rosinha of bows giving that look of ‘innocent girl’ + all the sensuality that had taken-fall open only hinting at the curves … Just say something! Super sexy and super comfortable!

Black Lingerie 4: “Femme Fatales”

And I could not, in any way, say goodbye to you without showing my favorite! The perfect and deadly combination corset with garter belt. Self explained in the question ‘full seduction’, not?! This is to kill any heart!