BlackBerry: Purchase Saga Continues

Many companies have gradually been linked with possible BlackBerry acquisitions, most recently Facebook and John Sculley.

BlackBerry’s financial problems have prompted the rumor mill and there are reportedly many parties who might be interested in buying the whole BlackBerry or parts of the Canadian mobile manufacturer.

John Sculley (the man who is famous and notorious for being responsible for Steve Jobs’ resignation from Apple back in the 1980s) may consider a joint bid, he of course refuses to comment, but mention, however, that “I think there is a great future value in BlackBerry, but without experienced people who have led these types of businesses before, and without a strategic plan, it will be very challenging”.

Facebook might be interested

Also, Facebook is on the list of possible buyers, at least according to “people familiar with the matter,” writes the Wall Street Journal. Leaders from the Facebook group has allegedly met with people from the BlackBerry group.

It can be many things that pull for Facebook, BlackBerry has, as we know, a number of valuable patents dealing with security and smartphone components, they have the popular messenger app BlackBerry Messenger and of course their hardware Division that could pave the way for a new Facebook phone.

Many rumors-get bids

Many different companies have recently been linked with a possible purchase of BlackBerry, Cisco, Lenovo, Google, Facebook, and now John Sculley.

The only actual bids are, however, still from Fairfax Financial Holdings, provided another interesting bids do not materialize from the other side, this agreement can end up being for something as early as next month.