Blackphone-Tablet in the Offing

The people behind the security-larded Blackphone is also developing on a tablet with similar functions

Security on the cell phone has gotten bigger and more attention, and one of the firms that will use it is Blackphone. Their phone of the same name was supposed to be the safest in the world, and now will also make the people behind a tablet.
Behind Blackphone is the Spanish Geeksphone, and communications company Silent Circle, and they presented at MWC this year their Blackphone-what might be called the secret agent’s best friend.

Jon Callas, which is one of the heads in Silent Circle, telling CNBC that they are about to work on a tablet. He can not reveal the features yet, but it will be a high-end one at that.

Blackphones appeal could easily have been enhanced in the consumers’ eyes recently, when Apple’s, for example, has been under fire after iCloud a scandal with leaked nude photos of famous women.

The security-oriented tablet will run the phone company’s own Blackphone-like our way out as operating system. However, there may be good news for the missing apps to Blackphone. Callas says that a ‘ commercial app store ‘ is coming very soon-right now it’s only Amazon’s app store that can be used on our way out.