Body Jewelry Shoulder Chain

The harness jewelry trend continues to fall-winter 2013-2014 and we wonder if we need to adopt the chain of shoulders for this season?

Studded jewelry will tend to fall / winter 2013-2014, should not forget that the punk aesthetic was also much forward channels. As a necklace, will keep a dog on a leash or hung on the rivets to pants, chains are an integral part of the punk look for years. If of course you wore it basically links Golden around the neck with the model Céline, might we found a place less common to wear the chain: the shoulder. After the harness, seen on Rihanna, jewelry trend fall / winter 2013-2014 may be the shoulder chain. It goes without saying that we would have preferred to wear it in summer, when our shoulders are bare and tanned and clothes to lend more. So to get out this winter we dare the shoulder jewel to accessorize our Little Black Dress in an original way (because you won’t wear a chain shoulder a turtleneck with a jacket).

In the continuity of the harness for spring 2013 trend, we sports still strings at various places in our bodies: our wrists to our fingers, around the belly, on the bust… But especially in the fall-winter 2013-2014, we love the shoulder chain tend to carry on with a strapless dress and a dark outfit to put the jewel in value (avoids the leopard prints, liberty etc). If you also want to shopper your shoulder chain, we advise you to take a ride on the site of