Bra: What is Your Ideal Size?

About 7 out of 10 women wear a bra that is not perfectly suited to their chest. However, this can cause discomfort, but also back pain, neck or shoulders. Here is a practical guide with many tips to choose the bra that best suits its morphology.

It is first necessary to know the good correspondence between the chest and the bonnet ( “cup” in English). We keep in mind that breast size changes with hormonal changes, weight fluctuations, natural physical changes over the years … In other words, the size of the bra can vary significantly depending on the time of existence.

Usvsukenglish prepares the following size chart, in which the sizes are mentioned in European value (US), French (F), Anglo-Saxon (UK / USA) or Belgian (B). So be careful when buying.

Bust / Size

Chest size EU – European Size F – French Size UK / USA – UK
and USA
58 – 62 cm 60 75 28
63 – 67 cm 65 80 30
68 – 72 cm 70 85 32
73 – 77 cm 75 90 34
78 – 82 cm 80 95 36
83 – 87 cm 85 100 38
88 – 92 cm 90 105 40
93 – 97 cm 95 110 42
98 – 102 cm 100 115 44
103 – 107 cm 105 120 46
108 – 112 cm 110 125 48
113 – 117 cm 115 130 50
118 – 122 cm 120 135 52
123 – 127 cm 125 140 54


Measured Bonnet
10 – 12 cm AA
12 – 14 cm A
14 – 16 cm B
16 – 18 cm C
18 – 20 cm D
20 – 22 cm E (or DD)
22 – 24 cm F (or DDD)
24 – 26 cm G (or FF)
26 – 28 cm H
28 – 30 cm J
30 – 32 cm TO

How to measure?


In addition to the benchmark in the manufacturing countries (EU, F, B, UK …), the bra is identified by a number and a letter. The figure indicates the chest while the letter refers to the cup size.

• The chest

the chest measured just below the breasts. How to proceed ? Use a tape measure you déroulerez under the breasts by wrapping it loosely around the body.Get help if necessary. When taking measurements, breathe deeply: it will choose a bra perfectly suited to your chest whatever movements to be done.

Knowing that the numbers of sizes are rounded, what if the chest is between two values, for example 92 then the sizes are either 90 or 95? He agrees in principle to choose the size that is closest to the chest, however, knowing that the use and wire detergents, the bra has a tendency to relax.

• The cap

size cap is calculated by wrapping the tape measure around your chest (breast and back) up nipples and well horizontally. It is best not to take these steps when is set. Indeed, during hormonal changes, the breasts may change. An example : a woman with a chest circumference of 93 cm and a cap of 110 cm should choose a bra 95 C. It should be added that the cup size may be different depending on the brand, and remember that the cap varies depending on the chest. Thus, the cap is not as wide for a bra 70 B as a 85 B. Hence the importance of the next point.

Always try before you buy

Even if you know perfectly your size bra and you still choose the same brand of lingerie, it is strongly recommended to systematically try a bra before buying. Why? Simply because the shape of your breasts and volume of your breasts are constantly changing. A slight weight gain can change the size of the breast. Fabric or lace finish can affect the size of the lingerie. It is not uncommon that the size is different for similar models, but designed in different tissues. When the time came to go to the dressing room, always choose different sizes of the same model: a 75 B and 80 C are really very close. Questions• What to do when the chest is too big to size bra? If the size of the bra was 85 C, we must opt for a 80 D. • What if the cap of 85 C is too big?We must opt for a 80 C, the cap will therefore be of a smaller size. • What to do when the chest is too small of a size and whether the cap of 85 C is correct? It must then opt for a 90 B. • … or if the cap 85 C is too large, then we must move to a 90 A (the cap will be smaller in size)• … or if the cap of 85 C is too small, so you have to opt for a 90 C. the classic mistake women usually opt for a tower higher chest so with larger dorsal stripes that for larger cups. And it is a mistake because the dorsal stripes are going to be too loose, resulting in a lack of support. The bra will tend to go back. Two tips• Women with a broad breast implantation or whose breasts are quite distant from each other, encroaching on the axilliaire region should opt for a cup . higher dimension • women back quite developed ( “back off”) must be taken into account when taking action (turn back) and fitting: planning more centimeters to the chest and not to the cap.

Perfectly in place?

The torso

When the breasts perfectly meet the caps on both the front and on the sides. The pins are located halfway between the shoulder and elbow. They are buried in the middle of the cup. The breasts should be flexible, not be compressed in the cap.

• If the cap is not in the body, there are centimeters between the fabric and the skin, it should change the bra size or cap letter.

• If the chest overflowing caps, simply select a different cap.

• in general, we consider that the majority of the breast must be covered to provide the optimal support needed.

the centerpiece support bra, which is between the two cups and fittings (if any) must stick well to the skin and on the chest. No space is desired between the skin and the central part. It is important not that you can slide a finger.

• To support bra, it is essential that within the frames arrive at the chest and not the breast itself. The outer part frames should fully surround the breasts. Whether the underwired bra is properly set up, gently press the equipment located in the fabric and see which part of the body they are based: breast or chest. If the frames based on the breast, it will be important to adapt the size of the bra or change the model.

• The shoulder straps should not be too tight. By cons, if they are not sufficiently well regulated, they risk slipping from the shoulder to the arm, which is particularly inconvenient. Note that the straps and adjust their height only involved in 10% in support of the breast.

The breasts are rarely symmetrical. This difference, often tiny, is normal. Simply adjust the straps at different heights. The back • The dorsal strips should well cover the skin of the back, come under the shoulder blade and at the same height as those suspenders knew torso. This is very important for optimal support of the breasts. • The dorsal bands should not be too tight as this can cause back pain but also leave marks on the skin and even cause irritation or itching.Keep this advice in mind:. Must be able to slide one or two fingers under the tie that connects the two dorsal stripes • When the bra is perfect for the size staples dorsal closure will be attached in such a way that the other rows of staples are hidden by the fabric of the closure (not therefore the last external notches of the dorsal attachment strip).

Not in place?

When is it not bra in place?

• When dorsal stripes back in the back between the shoulder blades. In this case, it should loosen the strap height and opt for a different size bra.

•If the straps cut, irritate the skin in the back and / or shoulders.

•If the straps fall off shoulders. How to shorten the straps? Choose a model with wider straps or which are better in the mid dorsal stripes. your breasts exceed caps? the bra is not suitable to your chest. Try another model of the same size but with a higher cap. Your breasts out on the sides? The bra is undoubtedly too small! Opt for a larger and / or more caps that cover the chest.