Brazilian Tumblr Becomes the 3rd Most Visited in the World

Tumblr, the blogging platform that has gained interface translated into Portuguese last week, has 16 billion page views per month in its over 56 million registered blogs. This week a Brazilian tumblr managed to stand out in this crowd, called “How do I feel when” he took third place in the most accessed tumblrs list the world.

The data are from Quantacast company, which estimates that this particular subdomain already have around 580,000 pageviews per day, even if it has less than 2 months of life. The success of the reason is the tumblr name itself, which is self – explanatory: they are mundane situations that everyone goes, translated into gifs. We discourage access during office hours.

In an interview with IG his creator, Marcelo Cidral 24, said he created “because he had nothing to do at Easter.” Although he receives daily suggestions, Marcelo ensures that not to lose the identity, only publishes things that have to do with reality itself. He also admits that the idea was not original, there were other tumblrs with this issue – but not in Portuguese.

The idea that a website can size such success in such a short period of time is likely, in my view, for two things: ease of publishing content that Tumblr offers and ease of use. Of course, content is still king, no matter what the platform – and we know that blogs of humor is an area that is successful in Brazil. But to see a Brazilian tumblr making beautiful in the midst of so many gringos is something nice.

Personally I can say that I have identified with Marcelo in one series of posts, and you probably will too. Also I must say that this text took out why I spent a long time browsing the site file.