Bridal Shoes Which Make you Stylish and Comfortable

If someone asks you what the best thing about a wedding is, what do you say? The special moment in which both say yes? The happy faces after the wedding ceremony? Our personal favorite is the wedding dance!

Bridal Shoes Which Make you Stylish and Comfortable

Many brides have been tasting weeks before with their partner for this special moment. Whether a classic waltz or a modern choreography is danced: The important thing is that your shoes fit perfectly! We can dispense with tweaks, scrubs and uncomfortable heels. That’s why we present you today the bridal collection by Werner Kern. This name is usually heard in conjunction with dance shoes. Now the company has brought out its own collection of bridal shoes and we are totally amazed by the comfortable and really beautiful shoes!

But how does a dance shoe company come to create a bridal collection?

“In general, dance shoes are considered very cozy. The dance shoes by Werner Kern, especially the comfort line, are very well known for their comfort and good fit. A bride is on her feet for a few hours during the wedding, and she also dances a lot and wants to enjoy the day naturally. Without being constantly reminded of aching feet. This is why customers have always come to us and have asked for their wedding dance shoes. It was obvious that we would make an independent collection of them. Later, wedding shoes with a street sole have also been added. This makes the brides more flexible during the exciting day and can move around well outside. ”

The Bridal Collection by Werner Kern – Dance shoes in noble splendour

The classic bridal shoe is medium-high heels at However, more and more brides put on colored shoes as an eyecatcher and beautiful contrast to the white wedding dress.

So what are the trends in bridal shoes? Do you find them at Werner Kern?

“Popular classics among brides are open bridal shoes with 6 or 6.5 cm heels in traditional white. For this we recommend especially the models Francis, July and Paris. However, as many of our customers ‘ wishes prove, wedding shoes do not always have to be white. Coloured Bridal shoes are currently in full swing. In our current Werner Core collection 2017 you will find many noble dance shoes in silver, gold or nude-tones, which can also be worn perfectly by brides. For special requests, our customers can also rely on custom-made products. ”

We find that the bridal collection by Werner Kern Sounds really great. There is a nice selection of different models that can even save the wallet. On sale, the dance shoes of Werner Kern start at about €130, the models of Anna Kern lie at only €110 to €120! If you have a slightly larger budget available, tell the shoes of Nueva Epoca (about €180). We wish you a beautiful first wedding dance with your loved one!

Photo above by Julie Anne Photography | Photo center by Expression Photos | Cover and photos below from Zahavit Tshuba

This article was created in cooperation with Werner Kern | More wedding inspirations can be found on our wedding blog bridal salad.