Buy Cheap Food with the App Too Good To Go and Fight Food Waste [Tip]

With the Danish app Too Good To Go you can find cheap food in your area, when restaurants and eateries close. At the same time you are helping to fight against food waste.

What do you say to a time brunch or buffet from the local restaurant or café for only 20-30 dollars instead of 100-150 dollars?

If it sounds tempting, is the Danish app Too Good To Go may be the thing for you. Last year put a entrepreneurial group consisting of 6 young men up for to get the problem of food waste to life. It is this app out, as both can be downloaded for iOS and Android.

The concept behind the app is quite simple. It provides a platform available, where you can view all the restaurants, cafes, bakeries and other eateries near you, which helps to fight against food waste by letting users of the app will buy a cheap game food for pickup in a given period of time-typically about dining venue’s closure.

How does the app

You will find only eating spot in the app and see what you can pick up, at what price, what the original price of the meal is and how many transfers are back. Then it is just to buy the meal either via credit card or PayPal, and you show up on dining spot in the specified period of time.

When you arrive, simply show his receipt from the purchase of the app, and then you get handed a takeawayboks, so you can fill about half a kilo of food up in it to take home. Most eateries devoting approximately 15-30 minutes for pickup by the remaining food, while there are also some who even takes up the hills up for you.

When you pick up 1 kg of food, amounts, according to the creators behind the app for that 2 kilo CO2 emissions actually go for a good, hearty meal rather than it just ends up in the trash and not used for anything.

As the owner of a catering facility, it is also advantageous to be a part of the Too Good To Go app, since you now earn money on today’s last meal, which in the past would end up in the trash. You set yourself how many food vouchers you will sell, and the only expense that is about to be a part of the Too Good To Go, is that they deliver all madboksene to you against payment.

Therefore, if you are in need of a little air in the tight Studio budget, or if you just want to try a new way to get cheap food from the city’s many different eateries with home on, then it is just to download the app, which is free.