Buy Safe Toys for Christmas

Christmas is near and dear to my Santas have to start looking for the toys so much desired by your children. When you travel in major cities to buy the toys you need to put a lot of attention to their origin and mainly they are age-appropriate for your children, in compliance with Community rules. Too often newspapers and television bring us facing this problem, is foolishly underestimated. Know that there are many toys that are imported and sold in Italy without certification and that very often contain substances harmful to the children according to Rctoysadvice.

To prevent these toys end up in the hands of our children the Codacons issued a set of guidelines to buying safe toys for children. Every year, in fact, occur approximately 90,000 incidents caused by unsafe toys and especially not certified so pay close attention to what you buy and if you know someone recommend a game your kids at best. Each toy because both regular and saleable must submit a brand on the package that says IMQ and EC.

We must also pay attention to the presence of small parts, and materials used, do not recommend personally for infants until at least a year and a half toys that work with batteries, you know perfectly well that babies put everything in their mouths and unfortunately the saliva that remains in the inner parts of the stack can create rust and then not be secure. Also avoid buying in trucks is true that cost much less but do not give you any security, especially If you are not sure of the origin of the games, rather buy.