Buy Travel Accessories

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The perfect travel companion

You are planning a short trip without much baggage? Then you opt for one of our convenient carry-on suitcase. They offer both storage space for the most important things as well as compact construction, which is handy. For longer trips, the optimal case is guaranteed for you, ensuring that you can take everything you need on your journey. Our wide selection of headrests and travel pillow also allows you to have a relaxed trip, because a comfortable sitting or sleeping position makes the trip fly by.


The correctly packed suitcase

Whether it is one day or a month on the road, hygiene products are essential on a trip. And where are these better placed than in the specially constructed bags? With lots of extra pockets and various designs, the optimal solution to your journey is to take on your products unharmed and still fashionably packed. If you are planning a stay in a distant land, you should be sure in advance to clarify what standards the power prevail and obtain a suitable adapter if necessary. There is a large selection of adapter plugs, which ensure that you feel abroad like at home. So whether you are planning a trip or only want to get suggestions, conveniently browse the versatile range of travel accessories and select the appropriate equipment!