Buyers Guide to Android Tablets

This buying guide is aimed to help you in the choice of a touchscreen Tablet, corresponding to your needs and your budget. Screen technology, ergonomics, battery life, connectivity, we invite you to discover our guide to help you choose the best touch tablet.

  1. Products for all uses

Everyone is ready to invest over € 300 in one touch pad. That’s why products cheaper exist on the market, with of course a few trade-offs.

Configuration and reduced space

There is no miracle, to lower prices, manufacturers must reduce the features of their machines, which implies a reduction inpower. This last will obviously affect the fluidity of the device and its ability to turn games of last generation. If you reduce the use of the touch pad to the consultation web, this lack of speed you will not harm. A reduced price also has an influence on storage embarked on the tablet. Never mind, add a memory card when possible.

Beware however, tablets touch bottom of range (less than €100) often have dull and lacking of contour image tiles.

And if 7 inch was enough?

The gap between Smartphone and tablet today so that some phones are dubbed of phablets (contraction of smartphone and Tablet). If you have fallen for one of these models, you will probably wait to your slate that it exceeds the 10-inch. Otherwise, the use of a 7 or 8 inch touch tablet is a great choice. They are less expensive, but keep excellent multimedia leisure skills while providing quality screens. As beautiful and powerful from the top of range, but in a range of € 130 to more than € 400, be they in iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

Top of range Android and iOS

If the choice between one Tablet Android or iOS may seem difficult, there is little to worry about when you bet on the high-end. You will have excellent products in both universes. Some people prefer Android for flexibility of this environment and connectivity.

Other users will be more seduced by the iPad for several reasons. If you own an iPhone, you’re on familiar ground. In addition, communication between iPad, iPhone, and iTunes is largely simplified by this same environment and applications multisupport.

Performance ultra chip, huge storage capacity, range above the screen more than the Full HD resolution and 12 hours put the best Android tablets at the top of the technology. Before you fall for a specific model, consider the potential of the Tablet, but especially for the use you make. For example, if it is first and foremost to write or respond to emails, prefer an equipped product a keyboard dock. In this case, you can even think about a smaller space and a less swift processor and devote the savings to purchase Accessories (satchel, support, pen, dock).

They are usually equipped with slots for memory cards and the HDMI output is a real added value as a suitable cable enough to share the image of your touchpad on another medium (if it is not equipped with a wireless technology). Many devices bring another dimension to an Android tablet. We think especially of the Chromecast, this small key connected to a TV and sends the content of your Tablet directly on the big screen.

Tablets Android-top sales:


No need to think about the technology or power when you buy an Apple product. Each generation shares a common core and only the memory capacity and the ability to communicate (cell or WiFi only) explain the price differences. The quality of the applications benefits, since developers work only for one type of configuration.

The iPad is so close to the other products stamped with the Apple that he shares the same constraints. Reduced connectivity and proprietary formats (such as the AirPlay) require to buy only dedicated to Apple devices. The Tablet is not compatible with many formats of video files and only MP4 is recognized, format of the series and movies that you can buy on iTunes. The absence of memory card is also often accused to Apple. It can be overtaken by the use of cloud computing. Thus, Onedrive, Dropbox and obviously iCloud applications for free add a few extra gigabytes. Only requirement: ensure that the touch pad is still connected to the net, otherwise, your data won’t be accessible.

Finally, we must accurately assess your needs before you fall for the latest generation of tablet with memory capacity the highest. However, keep in mind that technologies evolve quickly and that which seems accessory today will tomorrow be a standard. The iPad, far from being that utilities, tablets are also an object of desire… and with Apple, the temptation is strong to own the most powerful iPad.


On the high end, there is no wrong choice; iOS, Android or Windows Phone? Each with its advantages and disadvantages and once more, your use will guide your purchase.

Tablet or laptop? Some even do arise the question and are opting for what is called a Tablet hybrid. In this case, you have a tablet with all the benefits of Windows or Android, and when you want, you snap the slate on its base to give him all the qualities of a Notebook PC. Quickly adopted by professionals, this principle also appealed to the general public. Whether it is to replace a laptop confined to basic actions, or conversely to expand the potential of his tablet to a wider range of uses, hybrids, in addition to the keyboard (detachable or not), occasionally additional connectivity, built-in speakers, or even a trackpad.

The arrival of Windows 10 gave a serious boost to the market. Indeed, this unique environment Tablet and computer makes sense on a model hybrid. The user will change from tablet to laptop configuration at a glance and without changing her habits. Windows 8.1 dreamed of this ergonomics, Windows 10 brings it to you on a silver platter!