Cake Of Candies In the Shape of Heart

Happy new year to tod@s! Today I bring you a cake of sweets with heart-shaped, but it is not only a gummy bear cake, no, if not that I’ve managed to combine my two passions on one thing; crafts and pastries. Now you can see why.

You will need the following material to make the cake:

Expanded polystyrene with heart-shaped or rectangular.

Silk rose or red paper.

Role of cellophane or film.

Zeal to secure the paper.

Colors or white sticks.

Trinkets, clouds, gummy bear.

Skewer sticks.

Color red or white felt.

Numbers of felt (in Chinese bazaars).
If our polystyrene has no heart-shaped cut with a cutter or knife to give the desired shape (if you are not very good cartoonists can print a template and draw up the porex heart. It would then already be matter of go by cutting along the line). I have two floors, or a heart bigger than the other. Now we forraremos the porex with silk paper and fix it with adhesive. We do the same with the transparent film. If you have done two floors like me, line 2 and already can assemble the small apartment above the large and secure it with a toothpick of skewer in the Center so that it cannot move.

He left era for a cake of Captain america.
We can now begin to put sweets them; I always start by clouds along the perimeter. Then I do tests before instertar sticks.

Testing before attaching the gummy bear with sticks.

It is a matter of taste. I always advise inserting sticks of backwards, i.e., rather than catch a cloud and hit the stick inward and then paste it to the porex I do is insert the stick head, that is, by the thickest part, so that the rest of the stick is not sticky and put it within the porex will not engage all the porex Since it is very annoying to get a full ball white (and toxic) stick and not forget that these cakes are aimed mostly at the niñ@s.
Para decorar nuestro pastel, cogemos los palillos de brocheta y les pegamos corazones en fieltro y en medio les ponemos el número según la edad que cumple el/la homenajead@. Luego los insertamos en el centro, presidiendo el pastel.

Ya está, ¡es súper fácil! Y es un regalo sorpresa precioso para vuestra pareja ahora que queda poco para San Valentín, ¡un detalle súper dulce!