Camouflage Makeup to Hide Scars

Camouflage makeup is a particularly nationwide special makeup. The products, reliable and durable, can even cover strong skin anomalies such as moles, stains and scars. The products are suitable for special events such as photo shoots or weddings as well as for the daily makeup. The products are also suitable for covering dark circles, blemishes and tattoos. The makeup is abrasion-resistant and water-resistant, so it offers long lasting durability.


Camouflage products

There is a wide range of products for a covering makeup. Camouflage cream is available in solid form in small cups; some manufacturers also offer a practical magnetic box. The camouflage cream can be applied with a brush or your finger on the skin. The makeup is available in many different colors, which are also intermixable. So, it is possible to match the color exactly you’re your own skin tone. Liquid camouflage makeup is also available, which can be applied over a large area on the face or other areas of the skin. The liquid makeup is used as a basic primer; it has a higher covering power than ordinary makeup, but still looks natural if it is applied over a large area. The liquid makeup may be sufficient for light skin anomalies to cover dark or red areas in addition to camouflage cream. Matching covered products, there are fixing powders that sealed the makeup and makes it water resistant. Keep in mind that you should buy makeup and fixing powder from the same manufacturer, since these products are optimally matched.

Camouflage Makeup to Hide Scars

Green and yellow camouflage cream

To cover dark anomalies, the manufacturers also offer green and yellow camouflage makeup. Green is the complementary color of red, and therefore in a position to cover redness very well. Yellow covers blue anomalies such as bruises. Subsequently, a skin-colored product in the green or yellow color is applied, so that it is completely covered.